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Wishingthinking helps me think of a better peaceful future but it makes me wonder many thin...
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by ninadetusojos, Oct 01, 2013
I feel Fine.. I'm trying to relax by thinking about what I want for Christmas. And posi...
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by ninadetusojos, Sep 30, 2013
Bored mad and exited I'm crazy to go home is just taking to long.. I know is soon but...
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by shugalug, Jul 21, 2013
Phew! Thank God I got through the last 2 months in one piece! I've become so happy, now...
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by shugalug, Jun 20, 2013
Had the flu. It's been one thing on top of another. All sent to test me. My faith remai...
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Thing. Really anxious about that. Had panic attacks. Ugh. Other than that feeling better. S...
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So I get a chance to see my husband for a few hours. :D Had to get up at 4:00am though, an...
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by NotALICE, Apr 08, 2013
Getting along with son. Stressed about an upcoming court case. (No troubles, just settling ...
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by NotALICE, Apr 07, 2013
I think. Still sad. Still worried but more hopeful.
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by jessilb, Apr 06, 2013
So, the friend that I haven't talked to in a while who I recently went to the wedding o...