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by jessilb, Mar 04, 2013
When I first found out I had crohn's it was because I had a colonoscopy because I was h...
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by Nazhir02, Oct 08, 2012
My weight has been steady not gaining or losing. makes me wonder if i need to do something ...
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by ginjninj, Oct 03, 2011
Last three nights were spent away from home, which seemed to help a pattern develop. I slee...
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not right thigh 24 left 21 calfs are also different
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Roxy slept over in my bed, different she was up stairs with me. a lil coaking and finally s...
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That says it all. I am giving up Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any other diet out there....
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by lamb888, Jul 31, 2009 - 6 Comments
and live my life different! maybe i have brought all of this on myself? anyone else feel t...
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by deeneezy, Jun 19, 2009
I wasn't actually sure that it was a migraine because i NEVER have migraines without vi...
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by hyeyung, Apr 25, 2009
That's how hot it is outside right now. It's freaking blazing. I hate hot weather...
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by kido212, Apr 13, 2009
i am now seventeen and i feel really different i am not the same person i was when i was 16...