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I managed to input all my sleep hours off by one day. Is there any way to batch input (or "...
This is a question for all people who use the sleep tracker, personally I don't think it is...
Could you include CPAP as a treatment? CPAP is so commonly used that it deserves a place. T...
Hey guys, I seem to be on a roll with the recommendations for improvements. This request...
I am finding the sleep tracker confusing. I can't determine on which day to record which p...
It would be useful to me to be able to track two sleep sessions per day. I take long naps ...
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by sbbpep, Jul 07, 2015
R, routine, walkx2, ppc 5hrs
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by sbbpep, Feb 12, 2014
R & 85 (+15) mins A
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by sbbpep, Dec 22, 2013
X, R, W, ppC