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by Aftan, Jan 01, 2012
In a pretty good mood i get my first ultrasound on the 4th
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by sillyfeathers, Dec 16, 2011
I feel pretty good today, despite the fact that I have a cold, and all I want to do is slee...
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by megzlove182, Jan 21, 2011
I'm very frustrated, but not at the same time. Ridiculously happy! Kept thinking "...
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The events of the last week. We left for LA. Drove to Yosemite. I nearly cried on the way u...
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But it was a good day, in my book. My class was cutting pineapples, but my group was fighti...
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by KalynS, Aug 22, 2009
It is amazing how good I am feeling since going off of Micronor. Yesterday me and my husban...
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by kathalysa, Jul 23, 2009
Today, my mood's gone up a's my mom's birthday, so of course I'...
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