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so glad it almost over, and i hate when my period start because i hurt the week before ,and...
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Today will be the last day I even take codeine and will be clean Tomorrow will be the start...
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well its Thurs evening @ 9:30 pm. My afternoon and evening was good then turned into a me...
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by Got2bstrong, Oct 08, 2011
This is my last day to take the percocet. Tomarrow begins a new but sick day. The days to c...
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by pkupixieminx24, Jun 20, 2011
no period last day
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by clypam, Nov 19, 2010
I chewed my last fentinal patch today. I feel like my anxiety is going to blow out my chest...
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by alcandcodeine, Oct 15, 2010
Sister had stayed for week, but I could not move off the sofa to do tourist things with her...
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by Jesusluvme, Jul 19, 2010
This my last day of taking Vicodin and tramadol after 4 years of taking pills. I threw out ...
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by DB12345, Jul 08, 2010
So, I have been building up to this day for awhile. I have been counting back and ordered a...
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I am going to be taking my finals on June 9th and 10th and the last day I have to go to sch...