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. I am a 62 year old male. I take 40mg simvastatin for cholesterol , also 10mg amlodipine a...
Do you think epididymitis and erectile dysfunction could be related? My husband has had tw...
I am writing this email in regards to my father-in-law on the behalf of his wife. he has be...
i understand that htcz causes ed what can sub 4 htcz
Hi there, i'm 19 years old and I took saw palmetto for about 5 days because it is known to ...
i really need help... whenever i do sex with my girlfriend i do not get reasonable erection...
I have a broken penis. It started with the penis bending left then it would be like a U sha...
What works for erectile dysfunction after robotic bilateral nerve sparing prostatectomy?
my husband has hepititus C and his penis won't stay erected to go insidde my vagina so that...
I'm suffering from erectile dysfunction I had treatment by chiropractor 1.5 years ago after...
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