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Very anxious. I don't have pregnancy symptoms and not really had the whole way through ...
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by Leota63, Jul 23, 2013
Appointment with new doctor at ACR. Nurse checked weight.
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.........And she was very happy with us both! Max's heartbeat is VERY strong, bless ...
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by Duckymommy, Sep 15, 2009
My weight is always higher at the dr. office than at home, but the Dr. says I am doing good...
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by nic4959, Aug 05, 2009
See the doctor for the interpretation
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by Duckymommy, Jul 21, 2009
Went for my appt this morning. BP was 112/60 the baby's heart rate is 150. The nurse t...
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by DJ_kitty043, Jun 29, 2009
I will get my ultrasound tomorrow. I also notice some spotting but no cramping or anything....
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Again my THS level goes up beyond the normal level, this time with my FT4, its within the n...