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I finished my first phase of P90x and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. It'...
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by windsurferaholic, Jan 22, 2013
So far I'm down 9lbs and have lost almost 2" off my waist, pretty amazing for only...
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Sometimes the work outs looked like a clown show, but I'm starting to get back into sha...
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by windsurferaholic, Jan 08, 2013
Started the p90x program a couple of days ago, and so far so good. I'm finding the dif...
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by Honu27, Jun 24, 2011
Today i got good news... My A1c is 6.7 in just 26 days(close to a month) i had drop my A1C ...
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Started a new week of P90x... So far so good... i feel a difference not in weight loss but ...
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by roderunner72, Feb 28, 2011
The only difference between Dreams and Goals are that Goals have deadlines I just want...
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by 2877, Nov 15, 2010
Started p90x today:) its my third attempt, but first at the lean program. I found it harder...
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by rokkman, Aug 07, 2010
today august 8th,2010, i will be starting my first day on the p90x!!
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by Carebear08, Jun 03, 2010
Yesterday was my half way mark. I couldn't help but weigh-in this morning hoping to be ...