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9th Prenatal Appointment

Jul 27, 2010 - 0 comments

No signs of pre-eclampsia as of yet =0) my blood pressure was 114/70, and I'm staying the same weight not gaining anything, but my Dr said that my lil man is growing just fine. My Dr didn't order any lab work this week, but will next week to make sure that pre-eclampsia isn't sneaking up on me.

32" from pubic bone to top of uterus
170bpm baby's heartbeat, Dr' said that it was normal =0)

Our Second Son Is On His Way!!!

8th Prenatal Appointment

Jul 20, 2010 - 0 comments

So today I had my 8th prenatal appointment, my blood pressure was 130/70 and I finally got my lab results and everything looks good so as of right now I do not have preeclampsia =0) I am now on weekly appointments though so that my Dr can keep a close eye on me just in case. Also I will be getting another blood test done in in either 1-2 weeks to make sure that all my levels stay down and I'm not developing preeclampsia. Baby's heartbeat was very strong as well (I always seem to forget to ask how many bpm).

32" from pubic bone to top of uterus

Our Second Son Is On His Way!!!

7th Prenatal Appointment

Jul 13, 2010 - 3 comments

So today I had to go in to have my blood pressure checked since last time it was 140/88 and the Dr thought that I was developing preeclampsia already at 28 weeks (which i way too early). Well my blood pressure dropped tremendously from last visit it was 112/70, but the Dr couldn't find my lab result that I took on Wed so I'm not sure if I have it yet or not, I should know at my next Dr's visit which is scheduled for Tue. July 20 @ 1:40pm, but I'm still hoping that all is well and everything is fine. I also dropped 2lbs since last visit.

28" from pubic bone to top of uterus
Dr didn't check heartbeat this time

Our Second Son Is On His Way!!!

A Glimpse Of My Second Son!

Jul 09, 2010 - 0 comments

Today I got my 3D-4D ultrasound pics done and I'm in total shock of how he looks exactly like his big brother. I can’t believe that he's almost here and I can't wait to meet him, even more now that I got to see my lil guy. I’m also super happy that he actually cooperated so we could get such great pics of him =0) Less than 11 weeks before we will meet him and I can’t wait!!!

Our Second Son Is On His Way!!!