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Looking for people who have (had) wrist pain

Aug 09, 2014 - 0 comments

Wrist pain




repetitive strain injury


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Hi MedHelp community! After dealing with RSI for a few years and using various tools to reduce my pain in wrist at work (ergonomic keyboards, mice, trackball, gel pads, powerballs, etc), I am creating an informational blog based on this experience. Since prevention is key, I figured it'd be worth sharing all the knowledge from people dealing with the same issues. If you also feel this is a valuable goal, then you can help me by:

1) Provide feedback on my website ( ). What important information is missing about how to deal with wrist pain? As I'm not a medical professional, I would appreciate any advice!
2) If you have personal stories about how you manage your wrist pain or RSI symptoms, and are willing to write about them, please send me a message. Every contribution is valuable in educating people on this issue.

All the best!