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Aug 30, 2010 - 4 comments

Hi Guys just a quick one, firstly I wanna say sorry for not writing back to anyone who has written to me lately and I hope you are all doing well!!! :)
I have been pretty flat out lately as our little boy has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and have been to the Royal Childrens Hospital in our captital city to get educated on this disease and have been flat out with meds and physio!!!  He was not putting on any weight for about 6 weeks but with his medication now he has put on so much he now has little fat creases in his legs lol.
Anyway I will get on here again when I get another minute hopefully soon and put some pics of him on and check you all out properly :)

Take care and talk soon

Mitch is here

Jul 15, 2010 - 9 comments

Hi everyone, how are you all?  I hope you are all doing well, happy and healthy.  Well my little boy arrived safely at 8:16am Friday 25th June.  Mitch Glenn Hoad.  He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 56cms long healthy and happy.  Words can not express my happiness and relief when they held him up to us and he started to cry, I couldn't help but cry myself.  He is just beautiful and sleeps and feeds well we are very lucky :)  I am recovering well from the c-section, hardly and pain and now doing everything I used to (not overdoing it though) I will put some photos on here shortly, I do not have access to the internet much so that is why you all have not heard from me in a while.  I will try to get on here more often and catch up with you all very soon.  Thinking of you all always, Marina and Mitch xxx


Feb 19, 2010 - 7 comments

Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well.  I am starting to worry myself a little before i have even spoken to the doctor!!  We THINK we really want a c section this time just to make sure we have a baby that is alive!  Just wondering if anyone has any comments on their own cesareans.  I think I am just worried because we want 3 maybe 4 children (5 including little Miley) and wonder how many they will allow, if my uterus will really rupture if I try a vaginal birth for any future deliveries, fertility after the c section,  the state of my belly after 3 or 4 c sections???!!!  HELP!!  :)

20 Week Scan

Feb 14, 2010 - 2 comments

Hey Everyone, hope you and your families are all doing well, thank you all for my notes and for keeping in contact although I have not been on here very much lately.  The last couple of months have been HUGE.  For Mileys first memorium we travelled to my parents place in South Australia I flew and Glenn drove for two days to lay a plaque and planted a tree in rememberance of our little girl.  This was a very sad but also a very beautiful day.  All of my family who were unable to travel to Queensland for her service in 2009 were there and they too planted a tree each down a long driveway to my parents home.  After they had planted their trees and tied pink ribbons on it Glenn and I then unveiled a street sign with MILEY DRV on it.  We then had lunch and drinks with her ashes and photo/photo album on show the whole day.  Will put some photos up shortly for you to have a look.:)
20 week scan revealed we are having a BOY!!!  and he looks perfect and all measurements etc are spot on.  We are super excited.  His name will be Mitch Glenn Hoad and we are looking forward to meeting him in 17 weeks or so.
We are leaning towards a c section this time as we want to avoid any complications this time.  We are a little worried and would appreciate very much any info or comments any of you have about cesereans.
Well I will now put up some photos of the scan also and will keep you posted after the next dr app and on our difficult decision.  
Take Care and good luck to all the ladies TTC.  xxxx