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Day 2: Get in There!!

Sep 09, 2014 - 0 comments

Feeling good already after the gym. didn't want to over do it but i was sweating like a dog. It was fun, hasn't been in a gym in years. felt good to know i accomplished something. I will try to get a little more in tonight. stretching, situp, squats and toe touches. i am on a roll. now got to continue to master my eating habits.... and get in more water today.

9pm.... smh smh smh....I know what went wrong have to fix it. and Maybe i need stop being on the go all the time and take a darn nap.. smh

Day 1: UGH!!!

Sep 08, 2014 - 0 comments

day 1



I remembered last min. that Oh!! to day is the day I start eating right and getting healthy. I remembered after I hogged down 5 strips of bacon and a nice cold Coke. SMH!! Tomorrow my goal is to change that to 2 slice bacon, oatmeal, water. Well now I have to get through the rest of the day and try to stay healthy. I still like certain foods so I will just try to watch the servings as with the bacon. Plan to drink plenty of water. I don't usually drink as much as I need. Well Good Luck To Me!!! I shall return later to see how I am achieving these goals. Whew.. almost forgot.. have to squeeze in some time to exercise. Maybe I'll just start off stretching to get my body ready and a few small exercises like toe touches or something.

Didn't do too bad today. Have to eat on time and watch what I eat. Just finished exercising and I feel great. I stretched a lot and now I loose and good. To a multi-vitamin. Try to balance the nutrients I am not getting. I love this and I think it will be easy for me to keep up. Stilll gotta do more water..

Please excuse grammatical errors. Promise I write better but this is my journal and I don't feel the need to correct or  watch out for errors. So just bare with me. And yes this is all public. I feel if i dont hide, I can better accomplish. I'm sure some of the obstacles I may face someone else is too. But dont give up... we are making a stand now. never too late. and i feel great.