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No wonder I had pain- My surgery report for 20/11/09

Nov 26, 2009 - 4 comments

Laparoscopy proceeded to midline laparotomy + insertion and removal of uretic stents + bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with ovarian cysts + adhesiolysis of intra-abdominal adhesions.

FINDINGS- Dense intra abdominal adhesions of omentum and colon to anterior abdominal wall and adnexae. Right ovary/cyst NECROTIC and twisted- 6cm cyst. Right hydrosalpinx. Left ovary multicystic 5cm.

PROCEDURE- GA Lithotomy position, betadine to perineal ans vaginal areas, IDC inserted. Laparoscopy-betadine prep, drape. 12mm incision intraumbilical. Careful open entry with finger dissection of omental adhesions. 12mm blunt port inserted. Laparoscopy- unable to see ovarian cysts, dense adhesions to anterior abdominal wall. Decision for Laparotomy. Insertion of ureteric stents- cystoscopy and insertion of bilateral ureteric stents. IV gentamicin given IDC re-inserted. Laparotomy- midline incision. Opening of sheath and mesh. Dissection of bowel and omentum from underside ofmesh, and also from right ovarian cyst- extensive adhesiolysis. Right ovary and cyst mass untwisted. Peritoneal washings taken for cytology. Right ovary/cyst/tube clamped, cut and suture with 1 vicryl. Both specimens sent for histology. Wash. Satisfactory haemostasis. Omental biobsy for histology. Difficult to assess if any lymphadenopathy or perioneal disease due to bumpiness of adhesions and mesh. Mesh/sheath mass closure with 1 nylon (loop). 1 vicryl interrupted to subcutaneous layer. 3-0 moncryl subcuticular, dressing applied. Ureteric stents removed. Tips complete. EBL=250ml

So there it is, no wonder I have been in so much pain, and hate to think of what the outcome could have been, if I didn't persistantly go to hospital. With a necrotic ovary, which means dead, and like gangrene, anything could have happened. I still haven't recieved the results of biopsies, but surely I've had my fair share of health problems.

Is this a simple cyst, in the most complicated body????

Nov 16, 2009 - 4 comments

Well Friday I got home form work, and hubby had had a phonecall from hospital, telling him they had made an appointment for me to see the surgeon assisting with the removal of my ovarian cyst. So today I got to see him, as apparently, he had to let the gyns know if he thought thay could safely remove cyst, and if he would assist them for the surgery. The main problem for me, is the mesh I had inserted for hernia repair in 2003, has made it very difficult for them to work out how to remove cyst without causing a bowel perforation. I had the hernia surgeons report, and photos of the surgery that were given to me in 2003, showing how the mesh is anchored inside. When this new surgeon saw the photos he asked me was this a painful operation at the time, and I told him it was the worst surgery I've ever had. He said he thought so, cause there is an overkill of titanium screws in my pelvic area, and then continued on to tell me that the mesh that I have is the worst possible type to try to re-operate through, JOY, why wasn't I suprised. He has agreed to assist, and has made it very clear that there can be lots of major complications associated with the upcoming surgery. Not only do I have to worry about the removal of the cyst (they are now not even thinking of removing ovaries), the possibility of the cyst contents spilling, my bowel being perforated and needing a resection, but apparently the mesh used has a high risk of infection. All this, just to find out if this 6cm cyst, that has been causing me so much grief, is benign or not. God, I don't even want to even think about the possibility of cancer. All the while I am just so exhausted, not sure if its the pain meds or what the hell is happening at the moment, but I am struggling so much trying to work and deal with all these health problems. I have shut myself off from my friends, as I feel like such a downer, and just want to sleep when I'm not at work. Financially I really need to battle on, but I wish my hubby would just say, "I think you need a proper break, to get yourself better", and I know he probably would like to, but knows how much we'd struggle. Well thats my rant, at least I know the hospital is working behind the scenes to try to get this all sorted, and the pain has eased alot this week, but I feel SOOO unwell.

Russian roulette

Nov 05, 2009 - 7 comments



Ovarian Cysts


Hernia repair





Today I am feeling so defeated. Why can't anyone give me some straight answers. I just spent another two days in hospital for pain management with this ovarian cyst, that has been controlling my life for the past 6 months. For the last six weeks I've been led to believe that at my GYN appointment in December, I was to be given a date for surgery to remove both ovaries and cysts that have been giving me excrutiating pain. I have an extensive pelvic surgery history which includes 2x C sections, appendectomy, hysterectomy (leaving my ovaries) and the insertion of a 20cm x 18cm mesh inserted to repair incisional hernias caused by a car accident, 12 months after the hysterectomy.
Well here I am at home playing the waiting game again, this time until January 14th. After more ultrasounds, and a TVUS today, I have been told that "the good news is the cyst hasn't grown any bigger", or though the pain is getting worse and worse, on a daily basis. The bad news is, that because of adhesions and mainly the mesh, that now they can't operate just yet, because from what they have been able to see, the surgeon doesn't feel that there is anyway he can get through the gortex mesh, without perforating my bowel, which would lead to a colostmy(sp) bag. He now wants to co-ordinate surgery with a bowel surgeon, so they can make enough of an opening to remove part of the cyst, and do biopsy to check for cancer. In the meantime, I have to live with this pain, and hope to god, that it isn't cancer, cause if it is, its getting a mighty long time to spread, and do whatever it wants to do. Of course i was absolutely shattered by this development, and all they could offer was that they have set up an admittance plan with the ER, so anytime I present to emergency, I am to be admitted straight away, and put on stronger pain meds. He told me my case is very high risk surgery, and he needs to make sure he has all possible scenarios in place. Was that supposed to make me feel better, I don't know!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm a walking time bomb, and they are playing russian roulette with my life. Am I wrong to feel like this? If my insides are so bad they can't see how to get in there, what else can be hiding in amongst the tangled up mess, that is my abdomen. Finding out I won't know when they are going to be able to help me is almost overwhelming, let alone thinking of dealing with this pain for another 2 1/2 months. Any thoughts, before I drive myself completely mental