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Dec 22, 2014 - 1 comments

scared pregnancy




teen pregnancy



So I am 15.. I know this isn't good but I'm really worried about it. And when I say worried, I mean I am constantly waking up at night, crying because I can't even begin to imagine being pregnant. Please don't tell me that I shouldn't be messing around because of how young I am. I know I made a mistake and I have definitely learned from it. But  anyways. My last period was around Halloween. Now it is Dec 21.. I have gym class in the morning for an hour, then 2 hours of basketball practice after school everyday. So I guess you could say I do exercise quite a bit.

But.. My (ex)boyfriend and i goofed off a little and I'm super stressed. I had sweatpants on, and he had nothing on. He said he didn't *you know what* on me, but I know I was kind of "wet" down there already. He didn't penetrate me or anything, just rubbed himself on me down there.

I've been getting cramps for the past two weeks, but no period. I take ibuprofen every other day to help with soreness from basketball.

I have no one to tell this to.. I also have no way to get a pregnancy test. Please help/advice. Thank you.