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Erection Help please.

Apr 15, 2010 - 2 comments

sexual problems

OK, so ive had a problem for almost a year, and i do believe its getting worse, it started right when i turned 18. It has been really hard to keep an erection, and even harder to make it strong. I will hopefully get one erection a day. When im arroused by thoughts or porn, my penis will only erect a little bit, like a half way point. The only way i can mastrabate is by straining my back like a sit up to increase blood flow, atleast thats what i think it does. So i can only mastrabate while sitting down or laying down and performing my "mini sit up". And in the beggining sex with a condom was a gamble, because sometimes i could hold an erection to get my penis through the condom, and sometimes i couldnt. And that has gotten worse, its pretty much impossible to have condom sex. I have to add pressure to my penis to keep it erect, and that makes me ejaculate even faster. Sometimes my penis will de-erect during sex. And its just really hard to get one sometimes. I understand i need to see a doctor about my testosterone levels, but other then that and phsycological reasons, what could the culprit be? Help anyone, please.