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First appointment with OB

Feb 26, 2013 - 0 comments

So met with my previous ob again today.. I was very excited... SHe is so much better than my family doctor has been...  

Baby's heart rate was good...  Anatomy scan is schedule for April 11..
Some how i lost 5 lbsover the last two weeks, im thinking it had to be water weight from bloating??? does not make sense any other way.. But technically puts my weight gain this pregnancy at -2 lbs... (from the first weigth taken at my doctors at 7 weeks)....

She is ordering a cervix scan with my anatomy scan to get a baseline for my cervix increase i have premature shortening again but says no reason to consider me high risk at this point as my baby was not premature in the end..


Feb 08, 2013 - 0 comments

It was uneventful and short but loved it. Baby is measuring exactly with due date. Baby was sleeping she had me move around to wake it up. So we got one big stretch from it. It was so cute i could imagine the little thing yawning before rolling over to go back to sleep.

Very different from cecilia who was doing back flips at my first scan with her. She is an active girl though so ill take the chillax version this time.

Baby has been partying tonight lots of movement felt. 12 weeks tomorrow. Still hesitate to announce though

My bloodeork form for genetic testing was lost when we sokd our car so i couldnt get that done today.

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feeling sad

Feb 06, 2013 - 7 comments

Im so lucky to have my healthy cecilia. There is not a day where i dont realize that. She is my world and is such a sweetheart. I cant belueve how much she has grown since last year...

Today ive been thinking alot about loss. Not too much aboutt my own but just in general. My heart goes out to everyone who goes through a miscarriage,chemical,still birth, etc.  its so unfair that so many of us have felt that pain. I can still feel my heart sink when i think of seeing the empty ultrasound or breaking down in the costco parking lot as i called my boss to tell her i couldnt come to work. Or walking out of the jospital after confrming  the liss behind a lady leaving with her newborn thinking how terrible it is that we had to leave from the same place. I have more than dealt with my loss but all those moments are still real to me.

Ive been reading some posts on bbc and there have been so many miscarriages, its terrible to imagine what they are going through. We just had a lady find out her bsby has no skull or brain...
I know many on these boards have had a loss. Many with multiples. It is just hard talking about loss with people who have had only healthy pregnancies because they just look at you weird. I always find people this uncomfortable look at the ground until the convo channges. I dont talk about it often but it has come up in relation to a topic because its not a secret. It had a huge impact on my life and if anyone else experuences it i want them to know  tgat rgey are not alone. Usually what i say is as extensive as i had an early pregnancy loss before cecilia.

I guess i am just saying my heart goes out to all the women who have gone through this and i think its really unfaur it happens to so many of us. Praying for good us results on Fridaty

doppler take 2

Jan 30, 2013 - 1 comments

Used the doppler again today. Good news found the hb! It was not even hard today. Feel so much better. It was quite high. Hb and chinese calender point to girl. I really hope for a boy for obvious reasons. Cecilia always had a hb  around 135 on this doppler so you cant go by that. This one was closer to 150