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Staying Active with Cirrhosis Part II

Jan 25, 2021 - 0 comments

Well I'm getting much older now, isn't that great! Just hit 49! Haha Coming up on 11 years since diagnosis, what an amazing ride it's been. Cirrhosis has changed my life so much, I'm not talking about the bad stuff but the good stuff.

What good stuff you ask?

Well I stopped drinking, sober 11 years as of the day of diagnosis 03-23-10

My cholesterol has dropped in the normal range years ago since the liver doesn't break down fatty foods the way a normal liver does so I get away with being a bit bad. The rest of my numbers are good too except those darn platelets but that just goes with cirrhosis.

Most importantly, my wife and I have never been closer after having gone through so much with my health. I'm such a lucky old man :) She's my angel!

Been full time on the job 6 1/2 years now and going very well. Just got my W-2 and saw I was just a couple of thousand under that six-figure mark. Darn so close!

This is all about me and I feel selfish so let me share with you what I just was telling a friend of mine.

When people first come to this site I don't think they know right away the power of it or exactly what it has to offer mentally and physically. It's therapeutic to be able to express what your going through, been through and to feel like you are making a difference in someones life. Long ago I was much more active and wrote over a thousand posts/responses. If all I have ever done was save one person, be it from themselves or actually help save their life then I am truly honored . That opportunity has in no other way ever presented itself to me except here. How cool is that!

Thank You MedHelp for being here for us in so many different ways.

Staying Active with cirrhosis

Sep 18, 2014 - 7 comments

03-23-10 (4 ½ years ago) I was diagnosed with alcoholic decompensated cirrhosis. At that time I was told the usual that in five years a transplant would be needed, just six months ago they bumped it up to ten, but today they don’t really know what to say other than there is a good chance it will never be needed. For the past couple of years my MELD score has remained 12. This past January/February I decided I couldn't handle just staying home all the time. I made a decision to forfeit my disability benefits (Trial work period, a whole other discussion) and return to my profession. Things are going great, though coping with the memory problems and confusion seems to be a challenge so I make a lot of notes. On July 2nd my lab results came back as follows also taking notice my MELD score has dropped to 10. This is the best I have seen in years. I wish this could be an case/option for everyone here but my point is that for some of us further recovery is still possible. Don't give up hope and never give up trying. I wish you all the very best!



CBC With Differential/Platelet (L-005009) 2014-07-02
Immature Grans (Abs)(0.0-0.1) 0.0
Immature Granulocytes(0-2) 0
Baso (Absolute)(0.0-0.2) 0.0
Hematology Comments:() Note:
Eos(0-5) 3
Basos(0-3) 0
Immature Cells()
Neutrophils (Absolute)(1.4-7.0) 4.7
Neutrophils(40-74) 70
Lymphs(14-46) 18
Monocytes(4-12) 9
WBC(3.4-10.8) 6.8
Eos (Absolute)(0.0-0.4) 0.2
MCH(26.6-33.0) 29.5
MCHC(31.5-35.7) 32.4
Lymphs (Absolute)(0.7-3.1) 1.3
RDW(12.3-15.4) 15.1
Monocytes(Absolute)(0.1-0.9) 0.6
Platelets(150-379) 86
RBC(4.14-5.80) 4.64
Hemoglobin(12.6-17.7) 13.7
Hematocrit(37.5-51.0) 42.3
MCV(79-97) 91
Prothrombin Time (PT) (L-005199) 2014-07-02
Prothrombin Time(9.1-12.0) 11.7
INR(0.8-1.2) 1.1
Hemoglobin A1c (L-001453) 2014-07-02
Hemoglobin A1c(4.8-5.6) 5.2
GGT (L-001958) 2014-07-02
GGT(0-65) 178
Lipid Panel With LDL/HDL Ratio (L-235010) 2014-07-02
Cholesterol, Total(100-199) 158
LDL Cholesterol Calc(0-99) 99
VLDL Cholesterol Cal(5-40) 18
HDL Cholesterol(>39) 41
Triglycerides(0-149) 90
LDL/HDL Ratio(0.0-3.6) 2.4
Comp. Metabolic Panel (14) (L-322000) 2014-07-02
BUN(6-24) 16
Glucose, Serum(65-99) 84
eGFR If NonAfricn Am( >59) 113
Creatinine, Serum(0.76-1.27) 0.75
ALT (SGPT)(0-44) 31
AST (SGOT)(0-40) 35
Alkaline Phosphatase, S(39-117) 92
Bilirubin, Total(0.0-1.2) 1.7
A/G Ratio(1.1-2.5) 1.4
Globulin, Total(1.5-4.5) 3.2
Potassium, Serum(3.5-5.2) 4.4
Chloride, Serum(97-108) 102
Albumin, Serum(3.5-5.5) 4.4
BUN/Creatinine Ratio(9-20) 21
Protein, Total, Serum(6.0-8.5) 7.6
Sodium, Serum(134-144) 140
Calcium, Serum(8.7-10.2) 9.4
Carbon Dioxide, Total(18-29) 23
Ammonia, Plasma (L-007054) 2014-07-02
Ammonia, Plasma() TNP
Vitamin A, Serum (L-017509) 2014-07-02
Vitamin A, Serum(18-77) 22