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6 months post tx of Riba/incivek/interferon

Aug 19, 2012 - 5 comments

Well I have completed treatments and have a great bill of health!! I'm 6 months after completing treatments and my viral count is -0- the MD said the sweetest words I could have ever heard...."You are cured" I feel like screaming!! She told me I never ever have to come back, I'm done! Stick a fork in me I'M done!!  For the ones going through a rough time either just finding out what is ahead of you....or the ones that have begun treatment and having a hard time... Just know there is light at the end of the tunnel!! It was worth every sick moment, it brought me closer to GOD and let me know I have a strength on the inside that I didn't know was there.  You will make it and the fear of the unknown is what scared me the most of all.  After you see what your up against you will be able to push through it. Im not going to sugar coat was heard some days, I didnt feel good many days, but I made it, you can make it! Keep your heads up and the victory at the end is worth the fight!! May GOD Bless you all!!

Finished Triple Therapy for Hep C

May 21, 2012 - 9 comments

Just wanted to send a message to the people going thru or about to go thru treatment for their Hep C.  I have take the Triple therapy(Ribavirin, Interferon, Incivek) and I have done my 3 month follow up after completing treatment and my viral load is a BIG FAT 0!!! I'm so HAPPY!! I'm back to my old self again, I dont have anymore side effects, it was so worth it! I wont lie, it was hard and a bit grueling at times, but thru faith and GOD I made it thru and I'm cured!!  Good luck to all beginning treatment, and hang in there to the ones still going thru it! I hope my post will give the ones hope and a little more strength!  

Hep C/Post Treatment update(Incivek, Ribavirin, Interferon)

Feb 04, 2012 - 0 comments

Took my last shot Jan 9th 2012, for a total of 24weeks.  Finished out my Riba that week and was completely done on  Jan 13th! Had my Blood work done(RNA Panel) and it was Zero!!! This is such a Blessing!! It is Feb 4th 2012 and I have had the best three days, NO FEVER finally!! I am not so short of breath anymore, Im feeling alot more like my old self again.  I have another check up in 3 months, then another 3 months after that, if Im zero each time, then I have beat this "thing"! I mainly wanted to post to let the others ending treatment know that it takes a few weeks to start feeling better, but it is coming, just hang in there!!

Triple Therapy for Hep C(almost over!)

Jan 07, 2012 - 1 comments

Yay!! I have been on Hep C treatments since Aug 1st, 2011.  I started with Incivek, Interferon, and Ribavirin.  Im a 1a Genotype.  After 12 weeks of Incivek I had finished that part of the treatments, for the remainder of the time I have been taking the Interferon and Riba.*****I'M SOOO HAPPY TO SAY MONDAY IS MY LAST SHOT!!*****
I have learned alot about myself during this time.  I can say that it has truley brought me closer to GOD and if it took having this disease to save my soul, it was worth it! I also understand deep in my heart the true meaning of GOD's mercy and grace.  I'm so thankful for so much, this site was wonderful for me when I first began treatments, I was scared to death and did not know what to expect.  I did however have every symptom you can name(except hair loss). The rash with Incivek stopped as soon as I finished taking it.  I have had fever of course everyday since Aug 1st, but you get kinda used to it, I always took Ibuprofen for it and it would knock it.  I did get Anemia about half way into to treatments and took some Procrit shots to build my hemoglobin back up, this did work.  Im still really tired, and short of breath, but I got this baby whipped now!! I have had a EVR(Early Viral Response) at 4 weeks, and 12 weeks.  I will test again a week after I finish my meds, I really feel in my heart the LORD has healed me, I know he has keep his hands over my MD's and have carried me through this fight.  I will leave this event in my life a better person, with a new outlook, and ready for world! Thank every person on this site for making my hard days easier, by your kind words, you just dont know what that means to a person so scared.  For the ones beginning treatments, you can do it!! Its tough sometimes, but just rememeber, it wont always be like this! You have good days too!! Pray, the good LORD will help you every step if you turn to him and let him help you through. Thanks Again!! May GOD Bless!