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going back on bcp

Sep 15, 2011 - 0 comments

I feel so horrid, didnt have advil till halfway through the day. Felt hot and cold sweat, stabbing pains down my legs, horrible cramps I was sobbiing., Finally got some advil and went to pick up bf from work an hour early, slept in my car for hour and a half, i was in so much pain, I cant take this anymore. I thought these cysts were done with, they hurt so badly, feels like someone taking a pick axe to my insides. Only good part is that its a light flow so far, period isnt  bad...just the pain is ; (

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Ultrasound Results

Sep 12, 2011 - 0 comments

So my doc just called with the results, she said everything looks good (no endometreosis or anything) or pregnancy =/ but she did say it looks like a cyst on my left ovary ruptured so thats what could be causeing my pain. She said shell make another ultrasound appt in 2 weeks just to make sure the cyst went away. Idk i kind of feel deflated, I was almost positive =/ Oh well, time to go back on Bc, cant take this every month, maybe stuff. its wearing me out

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The waiting game

Sep 11, 2011 - 0 comments

Woke up feeling horrible, felt like id throw up at any moment, took some allergy meds and it went away mostly (not the nausea, a hot shower took care of that) I should be getting my ultrasound results back tomorrow (the same day my 'next' period should be new, kind of funny coincidence. My breasts dont hurt to bad today, (my nipps do) but my breasts just feel..swollen really really swollen. my lower abdomen is swollen also. I was thinking of buying another one or two hpts from the dollar store today.. i havent taken one in a week.. and if i were prego I would be about 6 or 8 weeks alone.. so it should show up? idk, im almost positive this is all due to ovarian cysts or something, but i feel so helpless just sitting around and waiting for someone else to tell me things they already know but cant tell me cause there closed. Because if im not prego right now im going back on bc pills to help regulate me again. I guess time will tell. I feel so lost.

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After transvag ultrasound cm

Sep 10, 2011 - 0 comments

had yellowish/pink cm yesterday after my ultrasound, (  about 6 hours later. It was very sticky, and a bit tacky, the yellowness left, but im still veerryy sticky. if i were to be getting my period it could be any day now, and I wait till monday to get my test results, only 2 more days!

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