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18th February 2011 - Getting back on track

Feb 18, 2011 - 0 comments

I'm finding it super diffibult to get my weight loss back on track and frankly, it's depressing me so much. Yesterday I found out that an old college friend had died and binged on biscuits and whatever else sweet I could find in the house. I've given up on calorie counting since it's making me really unhappy - I am constantly thinking about my next meal and can't concentrate on anything else. Since I started counting calories instead of just watching what I eat food seems to have taken over my life again. I'm getting really worried from my weight tracker that I'm not going to be able to get my weight off by the time I want to reach my goal.

I'm also on at the moment which doesn't help the chocolate bingeing. I'm going to use today as a detox day and try drinking plenty of herbal teas and go without food for the day. I even stopped taking my multivitamins so I'm going to get right back on that now.

I think weighing myself everyday is not helping the situation so I've decided that Wednesdays are going to be my weekly weigh in day. We'll see how it goes - I've put on about 5lb this week when last week I'd lost 8lb :-( Oh well - onwards I must go.......

13th February 2011 - It's all gone wrong

Feb 13, 2011 - 0 comments

Weight Loss


gone wrong



Well. Yesterday was a complete disaster. It was all going fine until suddenly, in the afternoon I felt the impulse to have some chocolate. Then some biscuits. Then some cake. Then some chips. Then half a tub of ice cream. I just couldn't stop eating. So overnight (as usual), the weight loss has gone from bloody excellent to almost completely ruined.

It's made me feel really horrible about myself today. I'm having one of those days where I just wonder if I'll ever get down to the weight that I want - and need - to be. I am beyond caring and just want to stuff my face with the biggest bar of chocolate I can find.

But I'm holding out. If I can get back on track I can lose the weight and today will just be one of those minor blips that you get in life that you can't even remember having. I'll just keep telling myself that anyway. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, either, so I feel like poo. Almost felt hungover when I woke up this morning - binge eating is just not good for me. I think it probably really affected my conecentration when I was out in the car earlier too.

Well, onwards and upwards (or, hopefully, weight-wise, downwards....). I'm just going to try and have a detox day today and see if that helps. Weighing myself everyday doesn't do me much justice, but if I don't keep a close eye on my weight I'm just going to balloon up and end up weighing 12 stone again.

Battling on is all I can say for today; disappointed in myself but battling on.

10th February 2011

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Weight Loss




Blood Pressure

Well the spots are finally clearing up, which is good news. For a while there my skin just seemed to be LEAKING - GROSS, but true, I'm afraid. I don't know why either - I haven't been eating any greasy foods, haven't touched chocolate since Christmas and I'm drinking more than enough fluids - lots of water and herbal teas. I also take Evening Primrose oil which I thought was supposed to be good for your skin? My self-confidence is a little bit higher now. I think that the driving lessons are helping - definitely NOT helping on the stress front. Gosh if I ever needed a smoke it's before/after my lessons! But they are helping to build my confidence up a bit. I really need that. I used to be a really confident person - sometimes a bit too much, but as soon as I started smoking marijuana (from the age of about 16/17), my confidence went way down and the paranoia set in. I'm not feeling that so much now. When I muck up on my driving lesson I can get through it without freaking out. I wouldn't have started driving if I still smoked. It definitely affects the way you think about things - not QUITE like people portray in the movies, but still!

I haven't been sleeping well, that's my only real gripe at the moment. I wake up several times in the night and have a really restless sleep when I do finally drift off. I can't seem to get somfotable and even though I'm shattered when I go to bed it's just not happening for me :-(

I'm pleased with my weight loss now. I've changed my goal to a bit lower, because it's still within a normal BMI and I think that I've now got the discipline to do it. I was working on saturated fats but I've gone back to calorie counting now which seems to work better for me. I've also cut my alcohol consumption right down to two small glasses of wine a week. I think I should drink more red wine in the evenings though - even though I don't know what my blood pressure is and it was normal last time I had it checked, it would still help me to relax a bit more, I think.

Anyway I've got lots of work to do today to ensure that I can have a chilled out weekend - going to practise driving at the weekend with the hubby so I need as little stress as possible at the moment! Keeping my chin up, even though I'm a bit worried about the money side of things at the moment. Who isn't?! ;-) Hi ho! It's of to work I go..............................

7th February 2011 - Spotty!

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The past few days have been GOOD days for me. I've been sleeping much better and I seem to be losing some weight again at a nice steady pace, rather than not at all or it just dropping off. So I'm feeling a little bit healthier in the long run. I still think that I need to eat big meals during the day rather than in the evening, so I'm going to try that from now on and see if it helps at all.

I have no cravings at all to smoke in any way or form, so that's good, and I think my appetite is slowly getting back to normal. I've upped my water intake, cut down on caffeine and take Green Tea pills, Cod Liver Oil and multi-vitaims everyday. But I HAVE broken out in spots! It's porbably the worst spot outbreak I've ever had! It's very strange. Normally, around my time of the month, I get a bit spotty around my moth and chin area, but I'm not even near my time of the month at the moment and I seem to have a face that's almost covered in spots - like acne! Only the Goddess knows what the postman must have thought when he knocked this morning.... *Meh* So that's making me feel a little uncomfortable...

I think that it's mainly because I'm stressing about my first driving lesson tomorrow - it's two hours long and I have another one the next day so I think my body is in over-drive at the moment. I'm going to try and have a really early night tonight and make sure that I get enough sleep so I can really concentrate. Just glad that my sleeping pattern seems to have improved dramatically even though I'm a bit stressed out at the moment.

Anyway I need to get some work done and go and drink some water now. Laters....