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Head scratcher, hmm input needed URGENTLY

Sep 23, 2013 - 14 comments

late period










recurrent miscarriage


chemical pregnancy


missed miscarriage

Ok ladies its been a while since iv written some thing on here .. Didn't feel I had something worth writing and nowni do.. Well, I have a 28 day cycle and its been going on well lately, last period was on the 24th of aug, I'm not on any contraception just watching out since dh and I have different schedules we don't have the busiest sex life .. Anyways, we had sex on the 10 and 12th of sept and he didn't hmmm, u know, no swimmers were allowed in if u know wht I mean. Lol .. So he claims nothing happened but I missed my period, been having this horrible pelvic pain back more than front on one side, and dr cudnt find anything but cysts on the side of my pain. Hpt ------ and a beta HCG showed result of 1.2 ONLY. So if I'm not pregnant, and drs claim the cysts aren't big to cause suh pain.. Wht could b the reason?!?!.. Been beating myself up worried about another ectopic what to do!?!

Ur opinion really matters to me ladies, thanks on advance and thanks for being there all the time.

Maliks first Steps!

Nov 10, 2012 - 6 comments

well, its been a while since I wrote some thing on here..but things were so crazy with moving houses, traveling, working then quitting, and now remodeling Maliks bedroom etc..

So, Yesterday I was watching Malik take his 2 step trip to the toy box while cruising -- its become Old news now since its been more than 2 weeks this way — and he succeeded as usual..only this time the toy box was farther so it took him 5 steps to get there...I clapped and jumped like an i**** lol thinking it was over when suddenly he grabs his favourite airplane toy from the box and heads back to daddy WALKING 12 STEPS without falling!!..thing is..we didn't expect it and kept waiting for him to fall ..turns out he really missed spending time with his daddy since its been a busy week at work so maybe he thinks impressing daddy will make him spend more time with him! lol..I don't know but it was an amazing surprise thats extremely rewarding..:)

An Open Letter to My Gynecologist ..Hilarious!

Sep 25, 2012 - 12 comments

Dear Dr. Lady Parts,

As I sit here on the noisy paper lining of your exam table, I’m unable to think about anything but the two very thin, very low thread count sheets covering my very naked, very cold body.

I know I don’t write, I don’t call, but I’m here now for my annual preventative maintenance and isn’t that all that really matters?

In answer to your questions, yes, I feel my boobies regularly. No, I don’t have any pain. Yes, I still have the same sexual partner. No, I don’t have any vagina problems.

Enough of the small talk, let’s get down to female brass tacks.

As your naked and vulnerable patient, I feel the need to express the following wants, desires and concerns on how to better provide me with most excellent gynecological care:

1. Give me a drawer. I can’t exactly explain why I feel the need to hide my bra and panties from you between the expertly folded clothing I’ve just removed; I just know I need to. A drawer would tell me you’re invested in this relationship.

2. How about some ******* flannel sheets if you’re going to insist upon keeping me waiting naked in this meat locker.

3. Always use the small speculum. I don’t care how stretched out my glitter’s become as a result of birthing two very stubborn babies. While I can’t guarantee my vagina won’t accidentally swallow said speculum, it’s a chance I’m willing to take. Yes, I’ll sign a waiver.

4. Warm up the lube. Microwave that ****, I don’t care, just do something.

5. No, I can’t scoot my butt any down any further on the exam table. I’m not prepared to fall vagina first. How about you just come closer.

6. What’s a girl gotta do to get complimented on her pubic grooming? I don’t go through this much effort for anyone but you; a little recognition would be greatly appreciated.

7. Buy me dinner. It only seems fair.

8. When my feet are in the stirrups, never, ever say “Come in!” when there’s a knock on the exam room door…unless of course you want my knees to vice grip your head as they slam shut. I believe we’ve had this conversation before.

9. No, I will not relax my leg muscles. Not without a glass of wine, a foot massage, and a little acoustic Coldplay.

10. Refrain from using words like, “firm”, “pink”, “happy”, and “fleshy” while peeking inside my magical nether regions. I’m sure those words are positive and healthy but my vagina gets all embarrassed and stuff. Stick with words like, “great”, “fine”, or even “all good”.

11. I’d like a goody bag when I leave. C’mon, even the dentist gives me a toothbrush and floss. Can I at least get a tampon and some fem wipes? Or maybe a sticker? Ooo, or one of those Bic pens made just “for her”.

Now that I’m finally back in my underwear, I guess I’ll let you go. These vaginas won’t check themselves, I suppose.

May we continue to be people who use minimal words and only see each other once a year.

Annually yours,


Bacterial infection or Reflux?

Mar 11, 2012 - 4 comments



Acid reflux





Ok so a month ago when Malik was around 6 weeks a friend with a bad flu came to visit.. So as expected Malik and I caught the cold. Malik didn't get any fever just severe caughing and a runny nose. A week later the caughing got better n is almost gone. But now at 11 weeks he's got severe projectile vomiting after almost every feed. Took him to his regular dr and he thinks it's reflux asked me to give him 1.5 mls of motilium 3 times a day b4 feeding. So I did and the symptoms disappeared so against drs request I intentionally missed a dose to c if it's gotten better but nooo still excessive vomiting. So I decided to take him to another dr to c if it's anything else, "note that this dr didnt notice the granuloma he had in his belly which is y I doubted him n took Malik to another dr" well. After check up she thinks that the runny nose he still has + the caugh he has had and the phlegm that's still in his chests seems to b interconnected also the eye infection he was born with!! and she prescribed anti biotics! So now I'm confused as to go with which dr. Baby didn't get a fever at all throughout the month so how could this b an infection? Reflux; does it cause this much vomiting? Baby's weight has been fine and nappies r fine too. So should I follow? I'm leaning towards giving him motilium rather than giving him antibiotics and that's mainly bcuz he doesn't have a fever. Calling out all my mh friends. All comments r appreciated thanks!