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feeling better so far

Jun 28, 2011 - 0 comments

feeling better

2 month ago my doctor started me on a very low dose of Doxycycline at 20 mgs  three times aday, then 40 twice aday, we started off slow cause 100 mg twice a day put me in the hospital, now as of today i start the full course, my elbows,shoulders,neck,and spin dont hurt me much,but i have just been told i have the neuropthy that can go with LD i find it diffecult to walk anywhere and even with a walker i have to sit down every five mins. I'm still fighting the va for  not catching it sooner and i had a huge lump takin from my arm pit which then i got staff infection in my breast, i have hopes that i will be fine in the future, but i'm worried the nereve damage it has caused with my legs and feet may never go away, i just did another western blot test to see what the levels are, i pray its going down,my head aches aren't as bad as they were,no bright lights or worm like things in my eyes,i feel real lucky i was able to reaseach on line my sytoms that caused va to say i had fybromyalgia if not for the computer i would have never known what lyme disease was,may God watch over all of you and get u well soon my prayers are with you all.

Lyme disease

Apr 10, 2011 - 0 comments

Lyme Disease

i have been sick for three years was told i have fybromiagia,in 2010 i started to research my symstoms and found out i could have lyme disease i rememeber getting a tick bit,but never thought of lyme, so i asked a doctor outside of va health care to do a western blot test it came back positive for lyme but the va wouldn't accept it so they did two test of thier own all came back with positive lyme but they still did not believe i had it so they did a pcr test on whole blood it came back neg so now they wont help me,however my igm kept comming back with two bands positive but the igg was neg. i have found out that if u have had lyme for 3 years or less it wont show up positive with the igg. you see the infection is no longer in the blood stream ,it hides in the ligaments,tendons,nerves,one of best test for cronic lyme is the byopsy pcr test even the spinal tap dosn't always show up. i have recentlly left the va and went to doctors on the outside for treatment. i have had a lumpo in my arm pit for three years where i  had tick attached to me for a day or more, and they have done nothing other than more cat scans,mri's,mammorams,and ultrsounds which showed up nothing now my new doctors are doing a byopsy on it soon to see what it is. My doctors tell me i have lyme regardless what the va has to say. i have problems with my feet on fire,icking,pain with walking,headachs,spin on fire with back pain,fingers go numb,shoulders hurt,muscle soreness,knee problem and my hips, a lot of people are being told they have ms,arthritist,fybromialgia,and other known disease when in fact they most likely have lyme, if u have a pcr test done i would advise u to stay away from it being done on ur urine,and spinal tap ,because they can give a faulse neg for lyme the best way is to go by ur symtoms or the byopsy of the skin. i have since filled out a clame against the va for not treating me for lyme.
my husband is in the middle east i went to visit him one year and went to see a homoeo doctor for my thyroid and he cured it and the va cant explain why its working again. i have since sent my medical recoreds to him and he says they have a cure for lyme there when my husband returns in a few more months he will bring me meds from there, i do not trust the va i have been a memeber for years and they dont know what they are doing i have taught them so much about this disease and still they wont help. No one person has the same symtoms. i have been treated so far with one antibiotic with no result,If the homeo meds work out for me i will post what it was made from so u can try homeo meds out for ur self. If u have any questions for me feel free to ask, for u dont have to have a positive igg which means there is an ifection or past infection,because haveing a neg igg dose not mean u dont have lyme, u only need two bands to be positive for lyme. good luck to all i shall pray u.