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Cuttin Portions in Half!

Feb 24, 2009 - 0 comments

Starting today, I am going to cut my portions in half.  I think that even though I am making the right food choices, I am eating TOO MUCH of them.  I am going to give this a go, and not let it get me down.  

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Feb 21, 2009 - 17 comments

OK..I did great all week...Ate very healthy and not too much.  Exercised 4 days this week.  My weight went UP!  Can it be the exercise?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  What should I do?

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I am sick and tired of .....

Jan 16, 2009 - 28 comments

SAHMs who continually judge, pity and frown upon working moms!!!  I just finished reading a post where, once again, a SAHM made the "huge sacrfice"  to stay home to raise their child...KUDOS TO YOU!!! ARE ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON AND THE HEAVENS SHOULD BOW DOWN TO YOU!!!  

Yes, there are working moms who HAVE to work...they are not able to "trim a little off the edges"..they NEED TO WORK TO LIVE....Does that make their child less loved or cared for?  NO!!  BUT THEY ARE THE PITIED MOMMIES!!!

There are working moms who RATHER work and have finer things than living with the bear minimum...they WANT to take that vacation each year!  They WANT to buy nicer clothes!  They want cable TV!  They want to buy Brand Name food instead of store brand!!!  They want to have a steak instead of just rice and beans!!!  Does that make their child less loved or cared for?  NO!!!  BUT THEY ARE BAD MOMMIES!!!  How dare you want worldly possessions!!!

Then, there are the WORST MOMMIES OF ALL!  The mom's who could stay home, but actually WANT TO GO TO WORK!!!  OMG!!!  THAT IS THE 11TH COMMANDMENT THAT YOU ARE BREAKING!  "Thou shalt not want to work when you have a child."  does that make their child less loved or cared for?  NO!!!  BUT THEY ARE THE HORRIBLE TERRIBLE MOMMIES!!

How dare a mommy want to work?  How dare a mommy not want to "do lunch" with all the other mommies?  How dare a mommy not want to hang out at "mommie and me" classes?  How dare a mommy not want to "bake cookies?"  How dare a mommy not want to watch "Baby Einstein, Barney and Sesame Street" every day?"  How dare a mommy not want to schedule "play dates" for each day of the week?

I, personally, am the provider in my house due to my husband's illness...(So I seem to be the "pity" mommy) however, I chose a CAREER when I went to college...I am a teacher...and a darn good one!  But even if I were a millionaire, I would still choose to work! (So I really am the Horrible Mommy) I am a BETTER mother because I work...I need the stimulation, I need to get out of the house with a set purpose in mind, I need the interaction with other adults...My career fulfills me and makes me the best I could be...And when I am positive about myself and feel the best, then I can give my daughter the "best".    

I would never put down a SAHM...for some it is their calling.  It is the hardest job in the world, I will never take that away from a SAHM.  If that is what makes you the BEST you can be so your child can get your BEST...then kudos to you!  BUT PLEASE STOP PUTTING DOWN US WORKING MOMS, whether we choose to be or not.....


Where do I get my immunization record???

Jan 12, 2009 - 11 comments

I am posting this question in my journal to see if I can get a response, because I don't know what forum would be right for this question....

I am currently enrolling in a graduate class to further my requires me to get a copy of my immunization records...I DON'T HAVE THEM!  I don't know who would!  I called my college that I graduated in 88 and they said that back then it wasn't required...My pediatrician has passed away years ago...I haven't gone to my primary doctor in years....(still gotta try him if he didn't delete me)...WHO WOULD HAVE THEM?  and WHAT DO I DO IF I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE?? Do I have to get ALL the shots again????

Anyone here to help me?  PLEASE!!!!