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I exercised again!

Jan 03, 2009 - 1 comments

Two days in a row!  That is good for me...usually I do it one day and then I go six months before I do it again.  No, not this time!!!!  I just keep looking at that picture of me from behind!  OMG!  It is the scariest thing I ever saw!

Movin' and Grovin'

First day!

Jan 02, 2009 - 0 comments

Well, I exercised!!! Boy am I a mess!  But, at least I gave it a start!  I did a 45 minute pilates/cardio combo and 15 minutes on my elliptical....I am proud of myself!  Now.....doing it again tomorrow is another thing!  LOL!!!

Movin' and Grovin'

Better today!

Jan 02, 2009 - 0 comments

I am really going to try to see the correlation between making myself healthy (exercise and eating right) and my mood.  I know that they go hand and hand...I have seen it in so many people.  I think that getting control of your body is the first step in getting control of your life...and that makes a person full and happy....A happier Susan will make a happier Richie and Celia (my dh and dd)....WISH ME LUCK!

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Jan 01, 2009 - 15 comments

Feeling a lot better today...I think Trudie was right about needing a pity party yesterday and also, like April said, about thinking too much, and what Gloria said about depression, and all the rest who go through these funks and understand.  THANK YOU ALL...

So, I took out my Shape and Self magazines...I think a lot of my negativity has to do with not feeling good about my appearance, etc.  Since Celia I haven't exercised at all...that is just about 3 years since I took her home from, I downloaded upbeat music on my ipod to use on my Elliptical (bought this about 5 years ago...2 thousand dollars for it to collect dust!)...getting things in order to take control of my eating, exercising..LIVING...something for ME to feel good about ME.....

Now comes the OH...MY...GOD...part.

I put on a pair of tight shorts and top and had my husband take pictures of me...front view, side view, back view....and OH....MY....GOD!  those are the only words that I can release from my husband just laughed...what a trooper!  I would not have believed it was me if I didn't pose for the pics myself.  It is a very out of shape woman....for some reason the mirror doesn't do the justice of a camera....It was 100 times WORSE than I thought!  What the?????  Well,  if that isn't motivation, then I do not know what is!  

Tomorrow is the beginning of my NEW ME!  The HAPPY ME!!  The FULFILLED ME!!  It will make me a better mother, wife, teacher, PERSON....and that is what I need.  I need to feel GOOD about myself.  Well, those pics were my rock I can only go up from here!  

I promise to post the pics in 6 MONTHS with after shots also...I wouldn't DARE let anyone see them now...I would be BANISHED from Medhelp!