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Halloween in Leslee's honor

Oct 31, 2009 - 7 comments

Halloween was always a very special time for Leslee and our family, they lived on an in town acrerage and she planned a party for all of us, her brothers family, her co workers and friends, hay rack rides, mazes with all kinds of "scary" surprises, costumes, pumpkin carving, bon fire and a hugh pot luck,  the little kids grew up looking forward to her parties, this year her daughters, hubby and I decided to carry on with the tradition, tjhrough the years  she and all of us have collected Halloween stuff, it takes a lot of work but it was worth every minute of it. We know she was there in spirit, doing her best to scare some of us, all of us felt her presence.  We decorated her gravesite also  in a Halloween theme,  It has been just a year this month but I still miss her so much.  I can imagine her gathering up all the "ghosts" in heaven and leading a party of mischievous  fun  earthwise,  that would be so like her. she started these parties when her 3 girls were small and carried on for over 20 years, some of my favorite photos are from those times.  marty

The health care for OVCA  Pre exsisting?

Oct 29, 2009 - 0 comments

What paragraph two says in part A is that policy writers for the government will be allowed to make the insurance you buy cover certain ailments, and not cover others (one of which may be a condition you happen to have, which is pre-existing).

What paragraph two says in part B is that policy writers for the government will be allowed to limit the amount, level, extent, or nature of the treatment you get for certain ailments (one of which may be your pre-existing condition).

So who will be writing your insurance policy?  According to the President's plan, a new bureaucracy known as the "Health Benefits Advisory Committee."  It will be made up of 27 people, and guess how many have to be a treating doctor:  One.

So if you believe President Obama's quote to the AMA means that if you sign up for government insurance your pre-existing condition will automatically be covered, - you're wrong, and so is the President.  You'd better read the fine print on whether the gang of 26 bureaucrats plus one doctor is going to cover your pre-existing condition or not. President Obama is giving them the power to not cover you.

My impression of you Ladies

Sep 27, 2009 - 1 comments

It will soon be 3 years since I first stumbled onto this forum,  I have learned so much.  You all give so freely of your knowledge and your compassion. Those that have gone onto their rewards in heaven, I keep in my heart, never to forget their courage and love that shown through from each and every one of them.  Those of you still fighting the beast, know that I and many others are right there with you and will continue all the way.  The care givers are those that streadfastly stand by to do and give what they can.  I have a mental picture of a hugh collection of Golden Awards, a warrior woman, standing tall to defy. all odds and each bearing a name of one of my friends.  I would be so pleased to stand by you and give each one of you  this trophy .  But this I cannot do, so I ask each one of you to picture a vitual Golden Award, made and presented to you in your honor.  Forever your friend,  Marty