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Moving forward..

Jun 21, 2013 - 0 comments

So me and do are moving forward with the ttc process. I was scheduled to have my hsg done but when the RE did my sonogram he said my fibroid doubled in size and it was clinically relevant in this case. He suggest I get it removed. I found out I had it in 2011 and it was about 2cm. Now two years later it has doubled in size to 4cm. He said it can be taken out laparoscopy but if I wait any longer it will get bigger and it will call for a more evasive surgery. If I keep it and get preggo for some reason there are complications or something happens he doesn't want me complaining to him lol. So of course I'm getting it removed not only just for ttc but for genealogical purposes also. My procedure date is set up for September 12,2013 but I am on a cancellation list.

As far as dh situation when he went to his general dr. For his yearly checkup dh explained to the him what he was diagnosed with(testicular failure). The general dr said he felt one testicular and he doesn't want to diagnose anything but he wants him to get further tests done so he referred him to a urologist and the appt is getting set up within the next week or so. Not getting out hopes up but hopefully something can be salvaged but you never know with testicular failure.

Giving you ladies an update!!

DH blood test results...

May 18, 2013 - 2 comments

So DH called the RE to get the results and they were as expected.  DH has testicular failure :-(. DH was the one who told me. Even though it was expected it didn't effect me until i heard it from dh himself. Dh says all he wants is to see me happy.  

Since we knew this result we were already looking into the other options. I wanted to be able to experience pregnancy and carry my own child. At first i was considering donor embroys. I figured given dh situation it can be a neutral thing i guess. It wouldn't be our egg and sperm but I still would be able to carry. I was not too fond over the idea of donor sperm because its not dh sperm. Dh says with the donor sperm I will at least have a child genetically mine. Dh seems to be ok with the idea of donor sperm.

Before we proceed with anything the RE wants to to do a ultrasound to check for fibroids and a hsg test. I told the nurse I do have fibroids and she's gonna call and see if she can my records so I may not have to do another ultrasound.

Another chapter down and other one about to get started.

First RE Appt. 5/1/13

May 01, 2013 - 4 comments

So today was me and Dh first RE appt. It went really well. We both really love the doctor. He is so nice, has a sense of humor but he knows how to get down to business at the same time. First off we filled out paperwork and it wasnt long until the doctor called us back. That I liked because I thought we were gonna be waiting a long time. So anyway we went the doctor got straight to the point. He went over me and DH medical history and DH semen analysis.

The doctor said there could be one of three things wrong with DH.

1) He said a problem with the brain. The hormones from the brain have to be released and tell the testicles have to listen to the brain and say release sperm and testosterone. To help this DH would have to take some injections that should help and after of six months of using it we should see some results and DH is most likely to respond.

2)There is a blockage or as the RE said "plumbing problem."lol With this DH would have to have the sperm aspirated from the testicles and we would end up doing ivf.  

3) There is a problem with the testicles. This problem cannot be fixed. There is nothing to be done.  With this the dr said the options if the problem is this is donors sperm, adoption,etc.

The dr said he is curious because as to what the problem is because DH has a good build so clinically his testosterone level is really good. He said we just need to find out whether sperm is being produced in the testicles and cant get to the outside world or see if there is any sperm being produced at all.

The RE said with a simple blood test he will be able to tell which one it is.
So the first step is for DH to get a blood test. He is supposed to be calling his primary tomorrow to get one set up ASAP so we can go ahead and get this process started.

Me and DH both think its a testicular thing because his accident was so traumatic. :-(
Once DH has his blood work done we know exactly what the problem is.


Mar 09, 2013 - 4 comments

So I'm starting to think that me getting preggo may never happen. I have been doing so much research about dh situation and sometimes depending on what type he has it is permanent. We Will not know exactly what type he has until out RE appt. My mind is all over the place. It makes me sad to think about it not happening. I'm trying to be as hopeful as I can but its not helping.

Dh has azosperinia. It basically means when he ejaculates there is no sperm in the semen. Now it can be broken down into two different categories. The one think dh has is obstructive azosperinia which means there is a blockage somewhere preventing the sperm from coming out. I think dh has this because as some of you know he was in a motorcycle accident and of course there was trauma in his stomach , pelvic and etc region. During the time of him being in the hospital the doctors never mentioned that he would not be able to have any more kids(dh has a daughter from a previous marriage), but I think at that time the doctors concern was to save his life. Even if he was not able to have kids wouldn't the doctors have told him that? I mean that obviously knew he had trauma?

Our RE appt is not until may which seems like forever. I want to do something to at least see if it helps. I been reading a lot about fertilaid for men. I read Success stories about men who have the Same condition as dh and it worked for them. There was nothing but positive stories. Some may have not gotten preggo but the fertilaid definitely increased the sperm count. I wanna give it a try but I'm skeptical.  I asked my nurse what she thought and she said i should wait until the appt to see what the RE says because he could give dh something better. That would be great i just dont wanna wait. I feel like i can at least try something. What do you ladies think?

I'm venting but I could really use some advice.