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Cherry Blossoms Bloomin!

Apr 24, 2011 - 0 comments

Great Mood!

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Why do we Forget where we Put Things?

Dec 02, 2010 - 11 comments

Why do we lose things and forget where we put them?

Does anyone have an answer ?

I put an iPod and my daughter's necklace in a "safe" place for Thanksgiving holidays, etc.  Then couldn't find them both.  After 3 hrs searching something led me in the direction to a dresser drawer in my room and I found them 1-2-3.  This, after tearing her room apart since last night and siblings blaming siblings for a terribly bad joke, which obviously never was the case.

So I ask, Why do we forget where we hide things?  Then suddenly (hours or years later) recall?

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Toothache - Bite was adjusted

May 30, 2009 - 2 comments

Now wait 'til Monday to see what's up.  Cannot even bite down on the bite paper at the dentist today w/o excrutiating pain.

For the first time ever, my dentist saw FEAR in my face and body when he attempted to "tap" the tooth .. tap the tooth . no way doc .. sorry charlie .. I cannot even bite down on the bite paper (that black paper) without excrutiating pain.

Now the good news:  This isn't an abscess and it's the orig. problem I went in for on Wed when they found a 2nd problem of a cavity/hole accounting for the pain with cold liquids, etc. Of course the original problem wasn't acting up when I was there!!!

It *may* be the byproduct of the bite being off so they adjusted that tooth with the drill a bit and willing to give it 48hrs to "settle down"

TMI .. I now


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100,000 iu's Vit D per Endocrinologist

Mar 13, 2009 - 16 comments

After doubling my Vit D prescription I am feeling GREAT for the first time since December!!  My labs after 4 weeks on orig 50,000 iu dosing only showed an increase from 9.4 --> 21 which is still low so my Doctor added 50,000 more iu's per week for another 4 weeks and get retested and I feel GREAT!!!!  My symptoms are almost gone!!!! WOW!!!!  This is something to ask your provider about if you have symptoms .. ask them to add on a Vit D test.

I've learned so much about Vit D Deficiency thanks to all of you here on MedHelp since I originally posted my first journal about it.  Thanks friends!


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