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Single Embryo Transfer

Oct 16, 2011 - 1 comments

I am so worried that my single transfer will not take. I have to have faith in the fact that any baby of mine will be a fighter and will make it!! I wanted two transferred but my doc will not do it....said it's not Gezz I am nervous about my transfer tom. When they told me they wanted them to grow for two more days I was surprised since I only have 4 embryos. Typically they don't do a 5 day with so few embryos to work with. Luckily mine are all highest quality. I keep hoping that they are all good and keep praying that my babies are all safe and alive in the lab! I want more than one kid so I hope I have some to freeze. Although, I would settle for one rather than none. My doc doesn't want me to have just outta spite my one embryo will split lol :) Wishful thinking I know. Well, tom is the big day for sure this to bed and Baby dream and baby dust all around!!!!!!!!

The wait continues!

Jul 27, 2011 - 0 comments

So, as of today I have one week to go! I have my blood test scheduled for 715 am on August 3rd..........not soon enough! My stomach is still swollen, I am so tired and my crotch itches from these progesterone suppositories! I know all this will be worth it in the end.....belly lets make us a baby!!!