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UND 3 months after TX treatments

Jun 25, 2012 - 4 comments

Went to GI end of May for 3 month after TX and was told I have no signs of Hep C all blood work came back normal, (will post later today forgot to get the copy). Wow what a GREAT feeling, feeling life again.I have had my days of suffering but keep on saying to myself "I'm the winner in this battle" and so far I am the WINNER of this battle I have fought for 2 years. I wasn't prepared for the urine infections (2x's) within the 3 month of being free from all drugs "YUK" but thanks to the good ole family doc he gave me the strongest stuff on the market but not the greatest for the liver so it a  win/lose either way you look at it. So now I go back at the end of August for the 6 months checkup. My GI said this is a very important one (which all are to me) to really determined if tx has done it's job for sure. If hep came back there is "no further treatments for me at this time" she said. Haven't gone into the forum yet to see who has hit the 6 months point but will do after this post I so hope to see good news. and it's so good to have a PC again that is why I haven't been on.
My body is really starting to feel like I did before all the treatments I'm more active in every day life and doing all the things with a great amount of energy I haven't had in a long long time.Even started back to work for a couple of days a week. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I'm so happy to be back in the working world again and around people, whereas I didn't want anything to do with being around people while on the med's just wanted to be left alone. But not anymore!!!

Feeling Great

Apr 12, 2012 - 0 comments

Just wanted to catch everyone up a little and let all know YES there is life once again after riba/interfon/incevik treatments.
Now in my second month of being UND after treatments I am starting to get my energy back still feeling tired from time to time but keeping my mind positive.
I am even going back to work next month starting off PT just due to the fact that my job is very physical but hoping to build my body back up and get back into full time within a least a couple of months. After a year and a half of not working and treatments I'm so excited to be going back. Even tho I feel like a slow healer I keep positive about it and know that I am going to get back out into the world and live life again.
I will have my blood work done next month for my 3 months post treatments of being UND which I will post.
Soooo looking forward to it, I know sounds strange but I have a great feeling about it.
Which ever way it turns out I'll be ok with it... being I have done the top treatments and know that there are no other treatments that I can do, but take better care of myself. I'm also losing the weight slowly that my lazy butt put on lol.   .
I have come to terms with Hep C and I will win this battle
So for those of you out there keep a positive thoughts and your head high.

Lab results

Feb 20, 2012 - 0 comments

These were done by my family doctor this is the results from the 2 round of labs so far all is well.Go to GI on the 28th I'll see what she has to say and take it from there. As for now no more interferon/riba/incevik just finished the last of riba on Sat (25th).

Complete Blood Count Tracker

24 week DONE

Feb 15, 2012 - 0 comments

Finally I had my last injection on Monday (week 24) now just have to finished up the Riba pills which should be in a week n a half. Still having a lot of side effect and some new ones too. When I spoke to my gastro about it she said the side effects could last up to a year after treatment. So I have been on treatment since  April 2010 after one year of treatment with peg/riba only I had relapsed. Started 2nd round of treatments in Sept 2010.
I have been undected since the Oct 2011 (week 4) with the tx treatment. I go for my blood work today for 24 weeks, praying I'm still undected will be so freaking awesome to hear but won't know the results until next appointment on the 28th man I hate waiting, lol but that's ok I'll deal with it but beating the dragon it all I want for myself and everyone who has this horrible horrible deceased.