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I can not wait for this

Apr 03, 2012 - 0 comments

To just be over. I feel terrible for saying such things and I know I'll regret it later but my oh my do I need a break on my body. I used to feel the occasional ache however now everything hurts all day long :-(  I keep telling myself only 80 some odd days left but I'm going crazy. I keep thinking about what I'm gonna do when I go into labor what if I can't get ahold of my fiancĂ©... will I be okay enough to drive myself to the hospital?  What about my puppies are they gonna be okay? What will my little pumpkin (thats what I call my chihuahua not her name but pet name) think she doesn't like kids and she's never even seen a baby... But she beverage leaves my belly if I'm with her she near if not on my belly.... Does this mean they'll be okay? ahhh if I keep typing I'm gonna go crazy with everything on my mind. Ugh.