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dr visit

Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments

Saw Dr. W yesterday. Added 2 more meds. Bontril for energy, (also weight loss I hope) and potassium tablets. Been low for a year now. Poor diet I guess. Ordered MRI of lumbar spine, should have been done in April along with cervical and thoracic. Saw ENT dr.all set for surgery Aug 13th. But..also talked about allergy shots. He got on phone to insurance, and got immediate authorization to start shots. So as of Thurs, I will be getting a shot a week, just what I wanted. I really wonder what our earlier ancestors did? Did they get all this stuff? Did they treat it? I know life span shorter, but not so sure that's all bad. Am seriously thinking about just quitting dr's and not doing anything.....they certainley can't do anything to stop the pain, or cure fibro. Oh well, tomorrow is another day..

reactions to long trip

Apr 29, 2008 - 0 comments

Wow, The trip to Portland was less stressful than the last one, only got lost once. Not as bad as last time, much easier to find US 26 this time. Was very tired when I got home at 6:00pm, had Chinese food, watched a movie, then bed. On Sun my legs hurt, very hard to walk, and feet hurt so bad felt like walking on nail bed. On Mon feet and legs better, but hips and back hurting instead. Tues morn, better still. I hate doing something I have to do, or enjoy doing, then paying for it with pain for several days....

Eye Trouble

Apr 25, 2008 - 0 comments

While during the neuro exam, Dr. M found a macular hole in my eye. I went to my eye doctor 4-23. She did a computerised exam of my dialated eye, and also say the hole.  I think it is Stage !! at this time. Have to go every two months for a year, to monitor it. Really scary, I could lose the straight ahead sight in the eye, would still have peripheral vision. Or it could tear, and cause total blindness in that eye. Praying that doesn't happen. On Sat go to Portland for MRI's of cervical and thoracic spine to hopefully find causes of weakness in leg, and hyper reflexes in arm. Looking forward to trip to Florida in June, and just forget about all this shi* for awhile.

sinus surgery

Mar 20, 2008 - 2 comments

Well, found out from ENT I have to have sinus surgery, and deviated septum fixed. My sinus have almost totally shut down. Bah humbug. Now I get to listen to my boss carry on. I really hate to even tell him. No wonder my head feels crappy all the time.