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Apr 15, 2013 - 0 comments

I took a walk this afternoon to get out of the office and enjoy the nice day.  walked 15 mins out then sat down for a few minutes, then 15 mins back.  it felt really good at the time but it might have been too much.  Once I got home I realized I needed to go to the grocery store so that was more walking and I started to feel sore by then.  I started to get some cramps (like period cramps) and continued to have them through the night.  I think I got too ambitious after hearing one of the girls in our birthing class say she had jogged 4 miles just a couple weeks ago!  I need to take it easy today.  :)

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Birthing class

Apr 14, 2013 - 0 comments

We had a one day birthing crash course at our hospital.  There were 10 or 11 couples in the class.  Teacher was a RN with lots of years experience.  I really liked the teacher and it was good to have someone with so many years experience to ask questions to.  I was a bit disappointed about the level of knowledge given through out the class.  I've watched a lot of TLC's Baby Story and 16 & Preg so I was familiar with lots of the topics like external/internal monitors, forcepts vs vaccum.  The most helpful part was practicing breathing which DH rubbed by back and labor positions.  It was also interesting to learn that our hospital offers an epi that I can control the amount given.  The nurse said often moms like to not give themselves as much medicine during pushing so they can have some feeling in their legs to help push.
The class didn't cover much at all with brestfeeding or caring for baby.  I also thought we'd watch a birthing video.  Maybe they don't want to scare us.  haha  I was also disappointed that she ended the class over an hour early.  We payed good money for her to teach us.  I was getting sick on sitting in their hardly padded chair so maybe its just as well.
We also took a tour of the L&D wing which DH and I had taken already.  The tour today wasn't as good as the first one we took.  She skipped a lot of stuff the other tour pointed out.
I'm glad we did the class but there's still a lot of questions that I'll have to ask our OB or research on my own.

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OB appointment - 34 weeks

Apr 10, 2013 - 2 comments

appointment went well.  DH and I can remember having this doc before and we both like her.  she doesn't rush us and lets us ask questions before her hand is on the door.
Lil Bean's heartbeat was around 150.  My blood pressure is good.  My feet and ankles are huge from the spike in temperature outside.  Doc said to drink lots of water and to lay on my left side more.  AC isn't on at work so all i have is a fan at my desk.  Might get as high at 90 degress today.  I like the warm weather but I also like when my shoes and rings fit.
We scheduled an appointment for 2 weeks.  This one will include the 36 week ultrasound and an internal check.  I'm so excited to see our baby girl on the screen again.  Its been a while.  I'm intersted to see if I'm right on what position she's sitting in.  I think feet are up and towards my right side.  Head is down but not in the "lock and load" birth position (as my DH calls it).  Not so excited about the internal exam but if it brings good news of her arrival soon, then i'm all for it.
Doc said since baby is sitting so high, i will know when she drops.  It will make it easier for me to breath.  
I know i'm only at 34 weeks but i'm so ready to be done.  :)

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side & back pain

Apr 08, 2013 - 0 comments

I've been having a hard time sleeping.  I go to bed with my back and butt hurting from sitting in a chair all day at work.  At night, both my sides will hurt from sleeping on them.  I sometimes get this sharp intense pain in my right hip when I lay on that side.  It goes away if I switch positions.  Must be the baby pushing on a nerve.  Its very alarming when it happens.  I also wake up very stiff in my back, legs, ect.  I'm going to ask the doc about the nerve pain but I think I just have to live the all the other pain and stuffness for another 7 weeks.  :(  

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