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Glucose & OB appointment

Feb 27, 2013 - 0 comments

Had the last of my monthly OB appointment this morning.  Now i'll go to twice a week.  Also did the glucose test.  They gave me the drink to have 45 mins before my scheduled appointment.  It wasn't so bad.  Having it cold was good.  It was sweet to begin with but towards the end, it was more than I wanted to drink.  Glad it was only 5 oz.  Had my regualar appointment.  Blood pressure, weight, bump size and urine were all fine.  Heart beat of Miss Bean was around 150.  She kicked while the doc was doing her heart beat and DH standing next to me saw the ripple of her kick across my tummy.  Pretty cool.
They will call me tonight if my glucose test or iron test come back negative.  Hope they don't call!
I talked to the doc about why I get headaches.  We decided that I'm not sleeping well.  Might have a bit of sleep apnea.  snooring is one symptom which DH has noticed that I do sometimes.  I do get up to go to the bathroom often so that means i'm not in deep sleep.  Doc recommends I eat snacks every 2 hours, drink lots of water and take walks whenever I can.
Looking forward to our long weekend "babymoon" in Florida this weekend!  Woo Hoo!

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prenatal yoga

Feb 23, 2013 - 0 comments

went to my first yoga class.  Got a 3 class pass for new students just to make sure I like it.  Its down in a cute historic town.  It was raining but I hope another day is nice enough to walk around a bit after the class.  I saw a homemade pie shop that is calling my name.
The class was great.  It was really nice to be around other pregnant ladies.  Its nice to know they feel just as uncomfortable as me...if not worse.  we did a number of great stretches.  Lots of relaxing.  A number of the stretches were familier to me from years of gymnastics.  Nothing too over the top.  A few (downward facing dog) I did not like.  :)
The weird thing was that the yoga studio was doing a photo shoot of the class to get photos for marketing.  Turns out with my good posture and where I happened to be sitting in the room, they got a lot of photos of me.  I think its funny that I'm going to be in the marketing material from taking only one yoga class.  looking forward to seeing the photos.
DH and I are taking a long weekend trip to visit his mom in Florida.  Too bad i'll miss the yoga class but so looking forward to 4 days in the warm weather and sun.

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Car seat for Gma

Feb 02, 2013 - 0 comments

Mom and I picked up a used car seat for her and dad to have on hand incase they need to pick up Miss Bean.  What a learning experience is for them and me too.  Expiration dates, how to latch the seat base into the car and just how they will use the car seat.  Turns out neither of my parents cars had the metal connections to connect the seat base.  My mom did just buy a new SUV so that is the only car they will be able to take Miss Bean in.  Mine and DH's cars are newer so they both have the latch.

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Monthly OB appointment

Jan 30, 2013 - 0 comments

typical OB appointment.  blood pressure was a little low but they said that is expected in 2nd trimester.  weight was within range.  I kinda wish they didn't tell me how much i've gained.  I don't like knowing that I still have 4 more months of gaining before I can start loosing it.
Next month I have my glucose test.  They gave me the drink to take home with me so that I can drink it on the way to the appointment.  Else I'd have to sit in their office for an hour waiting for it to take effect.  After that appointment, I'll start going every 2 weeks.  Yikes.  That means its getting closer.
DH and I are going for a hospital tour this weekend.  We've walked around before but it should be interesting to get a lot more information and to get a upclose view of L&D.

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