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Was it LUCK that saved the child?

Mar 21, 2012 - 1 comments




Did you read these article?

A 15-month-old boy who leaned against a window screen in his family's third-floor apartment fell all three stories, but was lucky enough to land in a freshly mulched flower bed. The Northeast Philly apartment building is otherwise surrounded by concrete and parking lots, and a neighbor says the garden bed was lined with only gravel just a few days ago. After a brief four-hour stay in the hospital for evaluation, the baby was back at home with his family.

The family of a toddler who fell three stories in Northeast Philadelphia Monday afternoon may have a freshly planted flower bed to thank for saving his life. The incident happened at about 2:37 p.m. in the 2300 block of Tremont Street in the city’s Bustleton section. Police say the 15-month-old child was in the care of his grandmother when he apparently leaned against the screen and fell to the ground approximately 30 feet. Fortunately, the toddler landed in an area covered in mulch. According to neighbors, the flower bed had just been installed over the weekend, covering an area that was previously gravel. Police say the little boy was rushed to Aria Health Torresdale Campus where he was hospitalized. He was treated and released home with a family member just four hours later. The toddler’s family says he is doing OK. Police say the fall has been ruled an accident.

It makes me sad to think that no one mentioned the miracle that really occured here.  It wasn't just LUCK as they would want us to beleive or the mulch miraculously saved the child.  It wasn't even fortunately that the child fell in the only area covered by with mulch not concrete.  

Regardless your belief or your explanation of this event.  I can not see in my heart how GOD's GRACE did not protect this child.  It just strenghtens my belief in HIM even more and I give THANKS.

To all of you with children, bundles in the oven, DH or even a friend on MH.   Give them a HUG and tell them you love them.

I  LOVE you all.


Mar 18, 2012 - 0 comments

I know this journey of ours is hard and sometimes we feel that we have hit rock bottom.  When we feel there is no way up or out.  The pain of not conceiving naturally, the confusion of why this is happening to you, the loneliness as if no one else understands, the financial strains this puts on our wallets and the desperation to be a mother.

It takes us to that place called “rock bottom”.  In these times that you feel weak and vulnerable, it is easy to lose faith in your own ability to go on.  It is exactly that time you must turn to the infinite power within yourself.  You must know that the answer is exactly where you are.  The strength you need the answer you want.

Put aside your fear, anger, weakness and desperation for just a minute you will remember the “other times” you were at the bottom and how in a moment, miraculously, you were lifted up.

There is no spot where GOD is not.


Feb 07, 2012 - 3 comments

Started BC on the 6th.  My RE has approved for me to go back on meds on the 15th. YEAHHHHHHHH.
Meeting with new OB/GYN tomorrow....  Said to DH, "I thought he OB was cute."  Now he wants to go to my appointment with me... LOL.
I still think he's cute....
New OB/GYN covers 1st month ultasounds and blood work through insurance.... Cha -ching
Acupuncturist/Chiropractor twice a week now.  I still don't believe my insurance is covering it.
DH is having prostate removed on 20th... OUCH... He's so brave...
Had his pre op today.
They placed a camera in his P****S, OUCH.. At least they numbed it..
Did xrays... Good going..
We still have to freeze back up... Every three days.  He's such a trooper..
Hopefully getting new meds from Canada. So cheap..... Love it....

GOD is good....

Aunt Flo

Feb 06, 2012 - 0 comments

Aunt Flo


monthly period symptoms


heavy menstrual

Aunt Flo came for her monthly visit.
Dang how much I dislike her....
She's not like Aunty Esha, so kind and gentle
Or like Auntie Bunny, the intellectual one
Not even like Aunt Nay, the crazy one
Not Emma or Lizzie, not any of them.....
She's Aunt Flo, she's that one!
Back to **'s to stock up on her needs.
Bringing out her pj's, the granny panties and other things she please.
Like the extra pillows to support her back and those fluffy slippers, so she can drag her feet.
The hot water bottles, the back massager and super extra strength Tylenol for poppin every minute.
Oh my poor husband he is so sweet, but when Aunt Flo's around he gets all the heat.
Here she goes calling once again, back to the bathroom to change again.
I remember when I was 13 and all my friends spoke so highly of their aunts.
How they were treated so special by their moms and their dads.  
They didn't have to do gym or could even skip a school.
They lay in the nurse's office and got to break all the rules.
I was disappointed that I wasn't one of them,
But if I had the choice I would never invite her in...