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IUI #6 is done.  

Jun 20, 2012 - 2 comments

I had my IUI today at 2pm.  It went very fast, and I was out of the room headed home about 10 minutes after I got to the clinic.  I'll start with the good news...DH's total count was 92.9 million. We ended up with 9 million post wash with 59% rapid motility. The not so good news was that the morphology was 0%.

I'm feeling pretty ambivalent about this round now. I was feeling really good with the numbers until I called to get the morphology number. The tech did say that abnormally shaped sperm can still penetrate an egg, so there is some hope, though I'm not holding my breath this time.  The cycle we conceived had pretty much the same numbers, except there was 13 million post wash and 1% morphology then.

I'm pretty sure that this will be our last IUI. We are both pretty done with them. If this one doesn't work, we will be taking the summer off, and will probably try IVF in the winter.

IUI#6 AKA the one that is not going according to my plans

Jun 19, 2012 - 1 comments

This cycle is the first one that has really stressed me out.  Timing has been an issue almost since cd1.  I knew that the last two cycles I ovulated on cd12, and that day this cycle was simply not going to work.  My DD had her dance rehearsal and recital that day and there would have been no way at all for me to squeeze in an IUI.  So, in an attempt to control the date the IUI would happend, I convinced the Dr to let me take the clomid one day later, from cd4-8 instead of my normal 3-7.  I figured that would have me triggering on day 11 or 12 and then doing the IUI on day 13 or 14.  

That timing would have been perfect, right in between two dates that would not work at all.  We also were not going to be able to make day 16 work.  When I went in on day 10 for the follicle ultrasound, they asked me to come back for a repeat on the one day that I absolutely couldn't do it, day 12.  I managed to get the u/s moved to day 13, but had to do opks to make sure I didn't surge before I could go back in.  When I went in on day 13, I figured I'd be told to trigger that night and then we would do the IUI on day 15.  Instead they asked me to trigger on day 14, making my IUI on the only other day that absolutely would not work, day 16.  

Because I had one mature follicle and another close to mature, they gave me the choice to trigger on day 13, but said that I would most likely only release the one follicle that was at 1.9cm.  The other option was to wait to day 15 to trigger, but I'd be taking a chance that I would surge naturally before then.  I talked it over with DH and we decided to just go ahead and trigger a day early on the largest follicle.  Last night I was to give myself the 1ml shot at midnight.  I was setting up the needle to get the last of the meds into the syringe, and accidentally pulled the needle out too far and half the bottle spilled out before I could flip it back over.  I ended up only being able to inject .5 instead of the full 1ml.  I left a message for the RE and they called me back this morning to ask me to come in and get some more.  So, for the second day in a row I drove all the way across my city and was able to get more meds.  They had me take a full dose, so now I have more in my system than I was supposed too, 10 hours later than I was supposed too.  I am going to believe it will all be okay, that this way the sperm will actually be there before my egg(s) get to the meeting point.

I also just got a call that they want my DH to go in an hour earlier than normal to leave his deposit.  The good thing about that is that they should have the analysis ready when I get there this time.  :)

Tomorrow, for the third day in a row, I will drive back across the city for the actual IUI.  What will be will be, no matter what, so I'll just have to go with it.  I made a joke to my sister that because the last text-book perfect cycle failed with three follicles, that this one with it's comedy of timing issues and only one follicle will have to work.  Here's hoping!

Moving forward

Apr 18, 2012 - 0 comments








My cycle has returned, the HCG almost completely gone, my HSG and follow up are booked and when my next AF shows I will start taking clomid again for my 5th IUI.

I'm still sad that we lost our second pregnancy, but I'm hopeful that we can get there again very soon.  

My journey with infertility, pregnancy and loss.

Mar 23, 2012 - 3 comments










Hi All,

A little about me first...I'm 36 years old, I've been married to my DH for 13 years this year.  We have one beautiful 6 year old daughter.  This is the story of where we've been, how we got there and what we are doing next.

I'm going to start back at the beginning, way back in 2003.  That is when we first started TTC.  I was young (relatively speaking, I was 27), naive, and finally ready to start a family with my DH.  We'd been married 4 years at that time.  Our very first "try" was January 2003, and I was so confident we'd be lucky straight out of the gate.  I even convinced myself that I could see two lines on the test when my period was one day late.  When AF came the next day I was crushed and cried.  I was so disappointed by that failure that it took me until June 2003 to even want to try again.  I promised myself that time that no matter what, I was not going to cry ever again about a failed cycle, and I was true to my word until this past cycle, almost 9 years later.  I'll tell that story a little later.

After TTC on our own for nearly a year, we started to get some testing done.  I have always had somewhat irregular cycles, going between 22-29 days, but all of my tests have always turned out normal.  DH had a semen analysis done which showed that he had some morphology (shape of the sperm) issues.  We got referred to a fertility clinic after 18 months of trying and had more testing done, which confirmed that our issues were indeed only male factor.  We kept TTC on our own but had plans with the RE to move forward with medicated IUI's.  That was in March 2005. We planned on doing our first IUI in May 2005.  I went on vacation with my best friend at the beginning of April to relax before the treatments were started, and when I got home DH and I made the best of the time we had left that month because we knew the next month would be the start of major schedules and timing and doctor ordered BDing.  Because I hadn't been tracking anything at all that cycle and because I'd always had a range in my cycle lengths, I didn't realize it at first when AF appeared to be late.  It was the first Friday in May when finally pulled out my calendar and decided that I would test on the following Monday if AF hadn't arrived.  That would put me on CD34, longer than any other cycle I'd had since I'd started tracking my cycles.  I bought a twin pack of hpts on the Sunday, which happened to be Mother's Day.  I took the hpt the next morning, Monday, May 9, 2005.  I got the shock of my life when two very pink lines appeared.  I was in absolute disbelief because we were waiting on AF to arrive so that we could start doing fertility treatments.  On our 26th cycle of TTC, AF never arrived.  We had somehow managed to conceive naturally.  I had a very good pregnancy with lots of morning sickness, but I was not about to complain about anything!  Our beautiful miracle daughter arrived on January 12th, 2006.

When my cycles returned in September, 2006, 9 months after our DD was born, we started TTC our second.  Because we had a baby who it took over 2 years to conceive we weren't really in too much of a hurry and didn't begin to worry about the length of time it was taking until we passed the 2 year mark.  We started to take it a little more seriously then, and got referred back to the fertility clinic for more testing.  The male factor issues were still present worse than they'd been before.  We knew this time that we would need to have assistance in getting pregnant, and we went for our first IUI in April 2011, 6 years after I'd miraculously conceived our DD.  That IUI and our next in May 2011 both failed, with post wash semen counts of 8 million with 3% normal morph and then 6 million with 1% normal morph.  Due to vacations and scheduling conflicts, we took most of the rest of the year off of trying and did our 3rd IUI in Dec 2011.  It too failed, with a post wash count of 6 million and 1% normal morph.  With the Christmas and New Years breaks, we missed the cycle in January, and went on Feb. 1st for our 4th IUI.  We'd already decided if it failed that we would go on the waiting list for IVF.  In prep for the IVF, my last two IUI's were done with clomid, ultrasound monitoring and hcg triggers.  Although my DH still had a morphology of only 1% the post wash this time had over 13 million sperm.

I tested out the trigger shot until the tests were completely negative, at 8dpiui.  On 10dpiui I saw a very, very faint line returning and over the next 4 days watched it darken until there was no doubt that this was my long awaited BFP.  At 18 and 20dpiui I went for bHCG levels and they more than doubled in 48 hours.  I was so happy that I did a little dance around the room.  On March 2nd, at 6 weeks, I went for my first ultrasound to check to see if how many little beings we'd made.  There was only one little bean in there, with a beating heart of 110bpm, unfortunately growing high up in my right fallopian tube.  In just a matter of minutes I went from being happily pregnant to being in serious danger due to an ectopic pregnancy.  It was the first time in over 8 years on this road of infertility that I cried.  We were absolutely devastated that our hard fought for pregnancy was going to have to be so cruelly ripped away from us.  

I went in for surgery that night, and although they tried to removed the embryo without taking the tube, it started to bleed out so badly that they couldn't save it.  I woke up from the surgery, in minor physical and major emotional pain.  I recovered very well physically from the surgery, but was and still am so very sad that we had this loss.  I'm determined to keep going though.  

I've had an ultrasound since the surgery because my beta levels didn't appear to be dropping, but everything looks fine with my uterus and remaining tube, so I'll just have to be patient while my body continues to recover.  When my cycle returns again I will be going in for my third HSG dye test to ensure that my left tube is okay.  So long as it is, we will go back to the fertility clinic and start all over again.  Because we did have success with an IUI we will do the same thing again for three more tries.  We have the same plan, if those three fail then we will go on the waiting list for IVF.

I'm looking forward to making new friends and to use my experiences to help others make sense of the road they find themselves on.

Good Luck to all!