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IVF #2  Week 2

Aug 19, 2012 - 3 comments

Sunday 8-19-12
      Doxy 2x/day.    Gonal F 225 IU in am,   1- Cetrotide in pm and 3- 75 (225 IU) of menopur.  
     I forgot how much the Cetrotide burns afterwards.   And my stomach is starting to look pretty bloated.  
     I am starting to get really anxious about the outcome and trying my best to stay positive.

Monday 8-20-12
         Doxy just in AM-  last pill!  =).  Gonal F 225 IU in am,   1 Cetrotide in pm and 3- 75IU (225 IU total) of
               Menopur in PM.          I was really bloated today.  My ovaries are feeling pretty full.

Tuesday 8-21-12
        Gonal F 225 in am.  
      RE appt-  Looks like I have 6 follies on my left ranging 14-18 and 8 Follies on my Right -2 at 12-14 in size and                
          the rest 16-20.  So I am going to go one more day to be sure everything is mature.  Looks like my ER will be
           on Friday.  Going back tomorrow to have my progesterone level checked-  if too high then will freeze all
             eggs or if normal then transfer will be next week.  
     Acupuncture-  Needles in abdomen and leg hooked up to electrical stimulation.   And this will be my last
            acupuncture visit of the week!  kind of happy to get a needle break.   Next appt will be transfer day

Wed. 8-22-12
        Gonal F 225 in AM
      - Had a rough morning.  My stomach was very upset- had diarrhea and threw up once, lots of cramps- Was told
            it was due to high levels of Estrogen.
      RE appt-  I have 6 follies on my left 18-24 and 6- follies on my right 18-22 and 4 size 14.    
        Blood levels look good-  Progesterone 0.8.    
        - HCG 10,000 at 9pm and Menopur 2- 75 IU (150) given.

Thursday 8-23-12
       - Shot free day!  So nice to have a break.  My tummy has a few bruises and looking pretty sad.  

Friday 8-24-12
        - ER scheduled for 8 am

IVF #2  Week 1

Aug 14, 2012 - 2 comments

8-7-12 First appt with Acupuncturist-  treatment
8-11-12- Acupuncture

8-12-12 - Aunt Flow started

8-13-12-  Saw my RE-  US of uterine lining looks good and no cysts on my ovaries!   Estrogen was 54.   (We are
                    changing up the protocol this round and doing Gonal F twice daily instead of Gonal F and menopur)
             Started Stims:  Gonal F-  225 IU in am and 187.5 IU in PM and Doxycycline twice a day for me and hubby.

8-14-12-  Acupuncture-   (electrical stimulation to needles on abdomen)  Weird sensation and had some lower
            abdomen cramping for the rest of the day
              Gonal F- 225 IU in am and Gonal F 187.5 IU in PM-    Doxy twice a day for me and hubby

8-15-12  Gonal F- 225 IU in am and Gonal F 187.5 in PM-   Doxy twice a day for me and hubby
     I am not sure if it is the meds or acupuncture with electrical stimulation or both!   I am having major cramps, low
      back pain and discomfort in my ovaries. I usually have a light period- but it is heavier then normal.   I didn't have
      this last time because I was OCP and bled for the entire month leading up to my stims then it stopped.

8-16-12-  Gonal F 225 in am.   Took my Doxy this am but not with enough food.  On my way to my RE appt I felt so
                  nauseated and my stomach was killing me.   Made it to the office just in time to lose my breakfast.  
         RE appt went well.  My lining is good.  I have 5-6 follies on each side.  This time they are even in size!  Better
          than IVF #1.   Estrogen was 169.  -  
    Acupuncture appt was good-  had needles in my back this time with electrical stim to my legs and low back.  I
                  think it is messing with my period.   It was so heavy today!   Hope it means my body is working.  
        Gonal F 187.5 IU in PM along with my Doxy- this time with a full stomach.

8-17-12  Gonal F 225 in Am.  Doxy 2x/day.    Gonal F 187.5 IU in pm

8-18-12  Gonal F 225 in am.  Doxy 2x/day-    Gonal F 187.5 IU in pm
         Appt with RE-   Right side has 5 follies size 10-12,  Left side 6 follies- size 11-13.  
            My blood work was a little lower then expected (forgot to ask #) so they continued same meds for today.  
    Acupuncture-  needles in abdomen with electrical stim to my lower abd and legs.  I think he was busy today and
         the timer went off and I felt like I was laying there for ever waiting.... I started thinking ...what if there was an
          earthquake?   I would be stuck on this table with all these wires and needles.  Not a good way to let myself r
         relax.  =)