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Sep 17, 2012 - 0 comments

Woke up from a crazy dream about 10pm and had what I thought was going to turn into horrible cramps.  My abdomen and legs were aching so bad.  Once I sat up and took a gabapentin and 1/2 of a cyclobenzaprine, I began feeling better.  

It's now 5am and I've had to take another 1/2 cyclobenzaprine and a "cramp tab" (my husband gets these for me at work, they work sooo well).

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Sep 16, 2012 - 0 comments

I got a letter from the neurologist stating that my brain MRI came back with results falling within normal limits.  I don't know if he meant to include my cervical spine MRI or not.  I need to call.  I am wondering if this means I do not have MS and that Fibromyalgia is just this bad.  It's just horrible.  
Maybe my severely low vitamin D levels lead to MS symptoms.  I'm so glad I found such an in depth rheumatologist that ordered a million labs.  I may have never found this out.  

Anyhow, who knows.

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Sep 12, 2012 - 0 comments

Numbness and tingling in left hand.  Almost feels clammy compared to right hand. Also, there is a storm just miles away.

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Sep 12, 2012 - 0 comments

My severe back pain has gone away.  Today I am left with right side of my face swollen and only a little bit of the left side.  I have some seldom and random rich tingling sensations in my arms and in my left hand, and then some in my forehead and lips.  
Last night while I was trying to sleep, my right leg jumped 2 or 3 times in a row as I was drifting off.  It will twitch or jump sometimes but only mildly.  Husband massaged my back last night and really got the kinks out that were causing so much pain.  I was constantly able to stretch that part of my back, all the muscles of my leg and foot like I hadn't been able to in months. My back is feeling MUCH better today.
Just took a water pill to help with the swelling in my face and may end up trying an antihistamine later.  I am 5 days out from my period too so I am beginning to retain water anyhow.

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