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Oct 26, 2008 - 0 comments

Just wishing you good luck.. Everything will turn out fine !!


Oct 21, 2008 - 2 comments

   I just tell folks it is the top right of the page .. "Health Pages".. Seems to work ... at least I guess so, since I don't hear back.. Gosh, come to think of it, hope they don't land in la la land....

A request

Oct 16, 2008 - 39 comments

I wonder if I could ask a favor, just a nice request of some of you.. On behalf of some of the members who are probably over the age of 30 , I'm asking really nicely, I'm begging you --- Could you please post in Regular Style" rather than" Text Message" style.? Text message style is difficult to read .. and we' aren't being charged for the number of letters in each message.... So please consider this for what it is meant to be.. just a request, if you will.

Please don't write me back :"This is a public forum and we can write however we want"...I know, I know ,and you may certainly continue to write in any form you choose... But please, please consider this request..

Many, many thanks.

I have no idea

Oct 14, 2008 - 0 comments

Color me clueless.... got me.....Shoot, I just thought since that poor girl last week somehow ended up on the "wrong journal "and got fussed at, the same thing may be happening.... so just wanted to remind everyone what MH told us.. if it seems to be in the wrong place, just ignore it and it will disappear.. Maybe it was meant for us, but I can't find anyone being rude... oh well... doesn't bother me in the slightest.....