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HRs' Liver Lover Supplement List

Feb 18, 2008 - 3 comments

|   HRs' Liver Lover Supplement List
Jan 09, 2008 05:34PM - 2 comments

Supplements as of 1/1/08

I have added links if additional info wanted.

a multi vitamin/no iron

1000 mg of Salmon Oil (epa=160 mg / dha=240 mg / omega 3 = 400 mg) x1

1000 mg of Flaxseed Oil (ALA/omega 3 450 mg / omega 9 110 mg) x1
Raw flaxseed/ 1 teaspoon daily

Hepatapro PPC (900 mg) x 2
info:  ;

Resveratrol (500 mg) x1  and x2 (alternate every other day)

NAC--(n-acetyl-l-cysteine) A sulfur compound that is a precursor of glutathione and protected sulfur-containing amino acid  (600 mg) x2 with Vit C (500 mg) x2

TMG (750 mg) x 2

Taurine (500 mg) x 2

Life Extension Super Curcumin W/Bioperine 800Mg 60 Caps (800 mg) x 2  / Powerful Antioxidant Properties to scavenge free radicals
Anti-Inflammatory Actions
Enhances important detoxification enzymes Curcumin increases the secretion of bile by stimulating the bile duct. It also protects the liver by detoxification, stimulating the gall bladder and scavenging free radicals. With the help of the adrenal glands, it inhibits both platelet aggregation and the enzymes which induce inflammatory prostaglandins. Curcumin may also help break down fats and reduce cholesterol. Large doses not recommended in cases of acute bilious colic, obstructive jaundice, painful gallstones, and extremely toxic liver disorders

Sylmarin (425 mg) x 2 / Milk thistle provides hepatocellular protection by stabilizing hepatic cell membranes.

Green Tea Extract (300 mg) x 2 /

Coq10 (200 mg) x 1 /

Colon complete complex contains:
Fiber complex (2000 mg) x2
Lactobacillus F19 probiotic (14 mg) x 2
Lactospore prebiotic (20 mg) x2

I use as a source except for the Resveratrol.

I will go with Lactulose amd Lactobacillus GG when I use up what I have.

What to take while on tox per HR

The supplements while on tx question is difficult, because the ones having antifibrotic promise are almost all antiinflammatory, somewhat reducing the initiating events at the dendritic cell/lymphocyte interface.I know this sounds technical. Most of them also have, paradoxically an improving effect on some aspects of lymphocyte function, as the spectracell test clearly shows.

Bottom line, NO CLEAR ANSWER possible  regarding  use during tx.

But a moderate use of NAC/VitC, TMG, ALA ( those are quite cheap and possibly  PPC (since it was actually shown to help the SVR rate) is probably a good idea even during tx. Vit D3 is good, but it would be best to know ones serum level.
Also some Inulin is inexpensive (trader joes) and a very good well researched prebiotic. To get any lactulose here in the US  is not trivial.

Doctor info

Feb 11, 2008 - 0 comments

To: Bobby
Dr.Douglas Dieterich and Dr. Robert Brown are both leading hepatologists and are both in NYC. You probably know of Dr. D from reading studies posted on forum, but Dr. Robert Brown is also a leading hepatologist. He was involved in the Win R study with Dr. Ira J. If you google, you can find out more info about him.

Dr.Robert Brown is at Columbia Pres and also has an office in northern NJ (Ridgewood.) He is there on Thursdays.

I know they both take BCBS and I would imagine they take other insurance also.

Feb 2nd 2008...5 weeks to go.

Feb 02, 2008 - 1 comments

5 weeks to go. It is unbelievable what this Medication puts you through. One thing after another. After I finally got my throat problems taken care of then other things start to go wrong. I had a mole that got infected all of a sudden. Then when I had it cut off it got infected again? No immune system! Then I start with the bumps and sores in the mouth. One thing after another. I have taken more antibiotics in the last 5 months then I did in my whole life before TX.


Jan 26, 2008 - 0 comments