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Lexapro.  Day 13.  Ready to give up.

Jun 30, 2008 - 2 comments

It seems as though the Lexapro has seriously elevated that anxiety.  I'm having to take a lot more xanex to cope with it than before I started it.  Is this a "normal" reaction to Lexapro at  this stage of the game?  So far I feel less like my "normal" self than I did before I started on it.  I've been really encouraged by the testamonials I've gotten from a lot of folks so I'm inclined to stay with it for a while but damm this has been one tough week...

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Lexapro. Day11? Better today but still..

Jun 29, 2008 - 1 comments

I feel better than yesterday but still just a wee bit tense.  almost at the tipping point.

I'm going to put off my dose for a few extra hours today.  I think I might be on a little bit too much.  I'll talk to my Dr tomorrow.

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Day 11 Lexapro. Bad day.

Jun 28, 2008 - 0 comments

I slept soundly last night.  A good 8 hours.  But today is a bad one.  Anxiety, Depression, and fatigue.  I could have just slept the day away.  Really tough.  I took a Xanex in the afternoon and it just took the edge off the anxiety.  Hard to break out of this funk.  I'm sticking with the Lexapro but damm  I hoped for better results by now...  I guess it just takes more time than I thought.

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Started out great today.

Jun 27, 2008 - 2 comments

Started out great today but and a very mild anxiety spell (not an attack exactly) after lunch.  I drank a lot of sweet lemonade and I think the sugar gave me a quick flush.  Took a .25 xanex and it faded fast.  I have to keep reminding myself to stay on top of my diet.  Sugar and caffine are definate triggers..

Overall though.  Not a big deal.  It's pretty much passed already.

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