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I'm feeling slightly guilty

Jun 24, 2008 - 5 comments

I say slightly, cause I know I have been lucky enough to find so many wonderful caring new friends here and I've been too un-motivated, to even say a few words to let you lovely peeps know I'm still alive.  If it weren't for the fact that that I've misplaced my last stores of energy, (and can't work up the wherewithall to go lookin for 'em), I'd feel VERY guilty. I thought i WAS DOING QUITE WELL , (darned caps lock).

I had a visit from one my best friends, (from Big Bear), she came down here for a bridal shower, and stayed a couple days here, with Mom and me.  We got a great idea, my friend Kim, was on her way back to Big Bear, and was gunna drive very close to where My Psychiatrist ofc. is.  I had to go see him to get my Zoloft, Rx. refilled.  She took me there, and then to Big Bear, where my G.P. is.  I was able to get an appt. and was glad to finally touch base with my NP in Big Bear. I was gone from 6-9 to 6-16.  I had the pleasure of being able to visit my son and, (very pregnant), daughter in-law. I was moved to tears, to see the beautiful room they've prepared for Katie's arrival.  I do believe they've got everything that Katie might need for at least the first two years.  Maybe a few more diapers, but that's it.  The OB/Gyn, has told them that if the baby doesn't come by the 30 of June, they want to induce her labor.  I'm so excited I could just explode.

I also had my four wk BTs done on the 10th, of June.  I don't have another appt, w/ my GI/Hep Dr. until 7-02. So, I'm gunna call and ask for a copy of these labs, tomorrow.  I guess that says volumes about how exhausted I've been. I'm really anxious to know how my Tx is working but too tired to pick up a phone and ask my Dr.s gals to send me a copy of the darned BT reslts.

So dear friends, I hope you will forgive me for being gone these couple of weeks.  I pray and hope that you are all doing as well as can be expected.  Other than the fatigue, and some skin issues, I'm doing pretty well.  I had esophagitis, before I started Tx.  and lately the back of my throat feels sore and burns,  There's very little variety in my diet, now. Cottage cheese, applesauce, yogurt, soft cold non spicy, non acedic, nothing greasy, or salty.  I guess this too shall pass.  I did my seventh shot tonight, 'bout an hour ago. That's pretty much all that's fit to print. I'll try to be a better communicator soon.  Love and Hugs to all y'all.  Dill Weed is gettin her hiney kicked, and not particularly lovin' it. It IS, however, better than waiting around to get started on TX, (Albeit , not by much)!  Fighting the good fight,  Die Dragons Die,  Especially the one that's been breathing down my neck,(inside).  Wassup with y'all??        

New Baseline BT's / Week 2 labs

Jun 03, 2008 - 0 comments


6 days post shot #1

May 18, 2008 - 1 comments

Doin' it !!!

And I'm havin' lotsa fun, roll me over, lay me down, and do it again.   Mon. P.M., comes shot # 2 ,and I know just what to do, (RMO,LMD, ADIA).  So, with wk.# 0 out of the way, I've only got 47 wks. to go.  DIE DRAGON DIE......   Onward cootie killers...So, other than an evening feeling like I was laid out on a workbench, with a vise @ the hips, and C-clamps on various joints, in the hands of Marquis de Sade, and a day feeling as if I'd been the main course at a mosquito convention, I'm feeling super duper.  No, really it wasn't quite so bad as all that. My mom musta told me a million times not to exaggerate like that. (Shaking my head in shame).  I guess my get up and go, kinda got up and went.  But, as we all can see, I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered. I knew that we were ready for a bit of humor, and was it: Medicmommy, Deb,sfbaygirl????? who said she could hardly wait for me to start Tx, (so I could write about my wonderful Sx.)  Well, this one's for you, (whomever said that).  

The only trouble I had was being sure I did the redipen correctly, I wasn't sure if I did the dose properly, but the nurse, called to check on me, It's a very tiny needle which I stick into my leg, tummy, etc. @ a 45degree angle, push the plunger down with my thumb, while holding the pen with my four fingers curled around it ... I inject the dose and count "one, one thousand two, etc. up to 5 seconds, then pull out the needle, and toss it, needle first into my sharps container, I left out the parts about the alcohol, wipe prior, and the slight pressure post shot.
I'm sure you get my drift. I also left out the part about getting the redipen....... redi! (ready).

I continue to keep you all in my prayers, and they are: that you and 'yours', (ie, husbands, wives, family, ferals, etc. are well and getting through all this as tolorably as possible.  With love and hugs, Ant B

Week 0 starts 5-12-08

May 12, 2008 - 3 comments

BRING IT.. Dragon!!

Well, I'm convinced that I'm in good hands now... ,( No, Not Allstate),...My Gastroenterologist is also a Hepatologist.  Amazing what you can discover by actually READING THE DR.S BUSINESS CARD.  Duh!!!  Stupid is, as stupid 'doesn't', (as well). I have also been set up with the Walgreens' Home Care/ OPTIONcare. I have a toll free 24/7 hotline where I can speak with a real RN, about any concerns I might have with my TX or SX, or anything that may be causing me to be concerned.  Not too shabby huh?  Color me blessed!!!!!  

I actually have (in my possession) my first Mo. supply of Peg Intron Redipens (4 [email protected] 0.4 ml= 96 mcg.):Chillin' in the fridge. Plus, in my: [email protected] AM/PM pill container filled and ready are my Ribavirin Caps, (Rebetol- 200 mg)!  So, I'm now (@ 12:27AM on 5-12-08) approximately 21.5 hrs. away from week zero. Drum roll,  DAH DAH DAH DA, DAH DA!!!!!!!!< Horn section!!!  And the Spice girls sing, "DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE.......". Take a walk in the Dragons Lair...

I'm finally 'getting' the labs... It's like the clouds opened and the sun shone through and the choir of angels harmonized those notorious lah lah lah's... (Such Drama, Ant B)!!! Cool your jets, Ms Wassup!!!  Sorry, I just can't help it. I'm jumping up and up, (I havn't yet figuered out how to jump 'down' (on a flat surface), (but I'm still working on that). So here's the skinny:

My HCV Genotype 1a Grade 2-3, liver BX is stage 3 VL is 4,100,000 IU/ML
Everything else is "in range" with the exception of the AST 57 and ALT 48 which are both high, (this is expected pre TX).  So, I'm looking to drop some 'Logs', (and I don't mean Yule logs).

I love all the caring and support I get here, you people are absolutely the most awesome bunch of strangers I've never *met, (*with one exception). God bless you all you sweet HCV infected wonderful people.  (I used to only talk like that when I was drunk).  Now I know what 'punch drunk' means.  I used to think it had to do with boxing, not non-alcoholic beverages.  Much love and bunches of hugs to the butt-kickers, my not so spice girls and all the rest of you happenin' heppers. Ant B, AKA WASSUP, (DarN CAps LoCk) LTIF!!!