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Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 28, 2008 - 8 comments

Heppers & Friends

I was sooooo concerned about a "mass" that they found on my liver during an U/S. However, (THANK YOU GOD), it was only a BENIGN Hemangioma, on the left lobe of my liver. Great News indeed, Whew!!!!!!!!

Normal in appearance are my: spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, and gall bladder.  "There is no visible intestinal abnormality or lymph node enlargement". (Also, good news!!)    However, "there are mild atheroscleroic aortic calcifications". (Not such great news),  Not complaining cause it sure coulda turned out waaaayyy worse.  I'll just have to eat a 'heart healthy diet' and I'll be fine.

I'm soooo grateful for all the prayers, good wishes, and hugs, love and support.  Without my friends and family I'd have been a mess with a mass.  

To those of you reading this, who are among the above mentioned awesome people, Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!!!!  Love  you  ALL Hugs, Bevy

More Waiting !!!!!!!!!!

Mar 21, 2008 - 8 comments


My NP @ the GI DR. has mailed me Rx's for more BT's and an abdominal Ultra Scan. She will see me on APRIL 28TH!!!!!!!!!  "That will give us plenty of time to get results back", she said.  I know it is wrong to feel this sense of urgency,  I have gastritis, and an espphogeal stricture. She gives me Nexium and Reglan, for heart burn. Every morning I wake up with stiff achey fingers, neck, knees and hips.  As I move around, the acheyness subsides somewhat.  Every once in awhile, I get a sharp pain on my rt. side, just below the rib cage.  This frightens me.  Study Guy says, HCVers should have the Ultrasound done every 6 months, to check for liver cancer.  I am going a little nuts, hanging around in this condition. I'm wanting desperately to get on with my tx.,(whether it is important to start soon or not).  I gotta go scream into my pillow.  Hugs to all my fellow heppers.  My brain is tired, and so am I.

I think I'm gunna just ' kick it' a bit, til I know more about starting Tx.  

Mar 17, 2008 - 2 comments

Tx WHEN?????????

I don't mind at all; giving my friendship and hugs, and any support I can offer, to all you wonderful people, but I can't help feeling frustrated and widgy trying desperately to be a patient patient.  This has been to no avail.  I'll be back when I have any news. Right now I'm just waiting, and waiting, and waiting...............

Not loving the idea  so much now, of tx,  via Study for New drugs.

Mar 06, 2008 - 1 comments

Generic tx 4 ME !!!??

I called my GI today, wanting the NP to return my call when she had time, who answers, why it's Dr. E himself!!! This is the third time he has answered his phone when I've called the office.  He asked,' wassup'?, I almost said, 'yes', but told him instead that I was having second thoughts about the Protease, Phase III study. NO RESCUE DRUGS, 2.5 hours to Cedars Hosp., 15 min. walk from parking garage to W. Tower 1/2 way around the block, Faceing an additional 6 month waiting to start tx, etc. blah blah blah. Dx'd a year ago.. Yaddah yaddah.  He said he'd pull my chart, confer w/ his NP, and they'd call me back to set up an appt..  I almost cried with relief.  I'm still not sure that they will start me on conventional tx, soon or?? I am however, becoming a bit more hopeful. Shoooot, I could be 1/2 way through my tx, in 6 mos. time, instead of starting then.  I'll let my heppy pals know as soon as I find out.   I'm thinkin' GROUP HUG !!!!!!!!!!!!