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Feb 15, 2008 - 0 comments


Well, Mon @ 3:00 PM, est I'll be having two back teeth pulled. I actually looking forward to getting it over with. The swollen jaw, the antibiotics, THE PAIN !!!!
I'm also pretty much over waiting for the Remicade Study *people to let me know if I'm a candidate for their study or not! It's been a year since my Dx w/ HCV, VL is >4 mill. They've turned me from a patient into an impatient. I'm starting to feel like "Back Burner B". I'd give them* a piece of my mind, but I don't have any to spare. I'd still like to find out who put the word 'toes' in with the 'tag suggestions'. Toes and Tags, shouldn't be lumped together around sick people. Wassup w/ that?


Feb 14, 2008 - 8 comments

dry mouth

Well, My teeth are falling apart. Having been a Dental Assistant for almost ten years, this is really making me crazy. So, I ask my DDS, why are my teeth going to hell all of a sudden?  He asks do you have a dry mouth pretty often? I say NO KIDDING , most of the medications I've been taking for years dry my mouth out like crazy, and I wave my bottled water out from under the napkin clipped around my neck, and tell him "I don't leave home without it". Then he tells me there's a product called 'Oasis' that you squirt in your mouth to help keep your mouth moist. I feel like crying. I take such good care of my teeth and gums, that I rarely needed more than a bit of polishing, no scaling!!!. Now, he tells me I need FOUR FRICKING ROOT CANALS. This news comes to me a matter of days after finding out I have stage 3 Cirrhosis with bridging. Now, with no prognosis as to what sort of life expectancy I have, I don't know whether to invest in root canals and crowns, or just have them pulled and get a partial bridge. I'm not trying to be morose or grimm.  We're all gunna die someday.  Realistically, there are decisions about my future, things I need to consider when serious health issues are thrown into the mix. I'm not making a bucket list yet, I'm just trying to make reasonable responsible decisions about things where my expected longevity needs to be considered. O.k. Me, Quit frazzling your brain. take the weekend off. I can't believe we've got another four loads of laundry. Didn't I just do the @##$%%^^&&* LAUNDRY? Say G'nite Ant B G'nite

Support System

Feb 03, 2008 - 2 comments

Wow!  Who would have thought that writing notes to others who are going through some of the same **** as me, could make ME feel so good. I guess that when I'm concerned about others, I don't have so much time to wallow in self pity.  What an awesome concept. I wonder why the word 'toes' always seems to show up under 'Tag Suggestions:' How depressing are the words 'toe' and 'tag' in the same sentance?

I did it!!

Feb 02, 2008 - 0 comments

I'm really tired now, but I did manage to get through 'mount poopookaka' also known as five loads of laundry.  Mom is really grateful.  It was totally worth it.  Now, I'm going to veg in front of the tube.