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Day 1 - Doxy

May 29, 2009 - 0 comments

Started Doxy yesterday. 1 dose. 100mg.

Today will do 2 doses, 200mg for the day.

So far, headache, weakness...tingling...nauseous.

Pain Tracker

My life is a mess!

Mar 11, 2009 - 0 comments

I am a 30 year old female. Lots of complaints over the past 8 years. I have had 2 c-sections, one being 15 months ago. I have smoked on and off for most of my adult life as well but quit a few months ago.  I am 5'6" and weigh about 157 lbs.

I just recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which is probably chronic. I suspect I have had it for 10 years or more. I had a strange rash in July 1999 that no one could diagnose. It was located in 3 different places. I now believe that these were TBD rashes. I am not confident that I only have Lyme...I believe that I have Bart as well, maybe even Babs. I have not had those tests done yet though.  

I have an appt with an LLMD on 6/4. I started Doxy 5/28, 100mg twice a day. Waiting for the herx!

I have been having a host of problems for a very long time. The history is too long to go in-depth with so I will just list the symptoms that I am having now, starting with the most recent.

- tightness on top of head (like head is in a vice)
- headache almost all the time - all over my head, shooting pains randomly throughout the day that last about 5-10 sec
- jaw/cheek pain (top and bottom)
- burning feeling in chest (like it gets hot, under rib cage)
- tingling/pressure near temples on both sides but not at the same time
- ear pain
- heart palpitations
- chest pain, left and right side
- tightness/pain under left rib cage and sternun (4 months now)
- leg pain
- severe joint pain and swelling (elbows, fingers, toes, ankles, shoulders, wrists, knees, jaw)
- swollen lymph nodes in neck (could be in other areas as well)
- numbness/tingling in feet, arms and legs
- muscle pain
- dizziness
- lightheadedness
- ringing in ears
- eye pain
- twitching (all over, not sure if it's muscle or nerve)

Diagnosed Chronic problems...
- Hashimoto's/Hypothyroid
- Vitamin D deficiency
- High Cholesterol

I have had tons and tons of tests...
- Upper GI/Barium X-ray - NORMAL
- Endoscopy of Upper GI - NORMAL
- HIDA scan - 57% EF
- Thyroid ultrasound - OK
- Chest CT with contrast - NORMAL
- MRI w/wo contrast of Brain - NORMAL

All blood work is normal...WBC, RBC, Sed Red, Liver function, kidney function...All autoimmune tests normal except for Elevated Rheumatoid factor of 32. (was 28 in 9/08).

LabCorp Western Blot POSITIVE (5/09)

I have seen an Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Neurologist and been to the ER numerous times. Years ago, I saw a neurosurgeon and was told that I had bone spurs on my cervical spine. I see the chiropractor religiously every week. I have thousands of dollars of medical bills from years and years of trying to figure out what is wrong and being sick.

My life has been a complete roller coaster mess for the last 8 years. I am finally hopeful that there will be an end to this madness and I will finally be normal again. Although, I have told my husband that I do not even remember what it feels like to be "normal"...I haven't felt good in so long. Even when I felt "ok"...I have not been myself.