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Increased meds no headache

Nov 13, 2012 - 0 comments

200mcg every other day. It was the Pantolec giving headaches I'm sure - will see.  1100mg per week of levo as opposed to the current 700mg.  Will see if by two Tuesdays weight has decreased

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Had Bloods done

Nov 08, 2012 - 0 comments

See Dr Harris next week. NO HEADACHE - didnt take Pantolec last night - could it be?

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Weight gone up

Nov 07, 2012 - 0 comments

Unbelievable - weight gone up to 61.3kg! I don't actually feel that I have though.

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Still on 100mcg

Oct 28, 2012 - 0 comments

Feeling much better and lost a bit of weight!

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