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Baby Bean is now my Butterball

May 03, 2008 - 2 comments

We have graduated to butterall. Baby is doing fabulous. We had the nuchal transluceny testing done today and the baby was so uncooperative it was GREAT!!  We got awesome pictures. So I will share.

This baby has put me through the ringer with bedrest and sickness and even close to losing my job. But I praise God anyhow because this is his blessing to us.

Yes!  I count my blessings every single day.

Check out additional pics in Photos!!

God Bless.

I am the Doppler Queen Now~~~

Apr 15, 2008 - 1 comments

So...I ordered a Fetal Heart Doppler...It came in the mail yesterday and....................................................................
I found the HB and baby is just moving and heart is just beating away. I will be 11 weeks Thursday. HR is anywhere between 165 and 177. It is great.

My OB is on the verge of getting fired. She called me today and discouraged the use of the doppler amongst other things..She said, "Frankly, if you don't get a Heartbeat at 2:00 in the morning I don't want to hear from you." I put her in her place when I said to her,  "I appreciate her call, I have alredy received the doppler. (apparently without her approval) I used to work in antepartum and postpartum care" and I had to remind her that I am a nurse who has realistic expectations. She was like Oh, Ok. So did you find the heartbeat, I said, "Absolutely."

That cut her lose pretty quickly. I think I am going to change OBs after my 5/8 appointment. I will let her know my frustrations and concerns about her nonchalant attitude and I will consider changing over to her partner in the same office or going with one of the OB docs I know closer to home. Been with her 12 or so years and I hate to cut her lose, but she is pushing me..I AM IN A HORMONAL RAGE...LOL ask my DH he'll tell you.

Little Bean is Stickin....GO BABY BEAN!!!

Apr 08, 2008 - 0 comments

9 weeks 3 days today. Yes. Baby doppled Heartbeat, YES! Strong and there. I am so excited. My bleed is being described as thin and or small, depending on which Dr.'s interpretation I use.

I am still cramping everyday and spotting brown now on occasion.

Morning Sickness is kicking my butt. Nausea, Fatigue, Irritability, Hungry for everything, then not wanting anything.

DH and I are doing ok. He has his moments and I have mine. Neverthless we love one another and we are excited and concerned about the baby.

They say the chaces of miscarry decreases a little more when a heartbeat can be identified by doppler.

DS is excited about his little sister (sex unknown), which he goes back and forth between brother or sister. He has been sticking with the sister desire for the last few days.

3 weeks 6 days until the beggining of the 2nd trimester.

I just thank the Lord for his precious miracle.   I myself have picked out first names, but I will get the DH on board around and in the 2nd Trimester. Name are a sticky subject with us...Long story...So I will save that for when the battle comes.

Names:  Jeremiah for a Boy  or Sar'ai for a Girl

I perfer all my childrens names to have a biblical basis. My first born is Elijah

Ok..Until Next Time.....God Bless


Apr 04, 2008 - 0 comments

So I had not heard back from my doc after yesterdays ultrasound. The blood and the cramping scared me. At any rate, I went into work when I woke up not feeling bad. I had to teach my receptionist to pay the bills and that took most of the day. I took my biller out to eat and we talked.

I called my doc cause they still had not called me and they told me to call back if no one called back after lunch...UGH. I went back to the office and had one of my nurses start an IV on me and run about 1000L of fluid into my veins because I have not been able to keep up with drinking water since I have just felt the morning sickness since March 4th.

So as I sat back at my desk with my feet up having fluids ran, I talked it up with the staff as they came by trying to catch me up on the weeks events. I was content. Less stress than sitting at home worrying about what the heck is wrong with my body.

I called the doctors office, who seemed to be all the more confused and did not know where my U/S films were. Eventually the doctor calls me and apologizes. She said, "Everything looks Great, the fetus is 9 weeks today, there is a small bleed at the site of implantation, and all I can say is that I can't tell you, that you will not miscarry, but many mothers go on to have healthy pregnanies, it is small so I am not overly concerned." So with that said I am still in Limbo. I know no more today than I did for the past week sitting my restless self at home.

Now I am going back to work, but plan on taking it easy. She told me not to hike a mountain, move furniture, do anything strenuous. So I am going to be a good girl and not climb mount everest or rearrange my house.

DH was around with DS today before I came home from work, but departed before I got home.

I roamed around the pregnancy section of the book store before I came home to search for some books that might assist me to assist DH with the pregnancy and what to expect. I wanted a book wih colors and what not, but the selection was limited. I will try B&N tommorow maybe. Or look online.

DH misses me I know and I miss him to, but there is something that God is trying to do here and I just have to let him do what he does.

It has been a long day and I am ready for bed.

Prayers to my little bambino...May he stick like crazy glue until he is fully ready for the world.