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current event sites

Mar 31, 2010 - 4 comments

These are good sources of info on the mess we are in from obama to the loss of liberty-   world net daily.       Vision to America

day from he11

Nov 10, 2009 - 3 comments

I need to remember tonight as it was a little trying. While working on my truck, I was digging through my tools and came across a half full bottle of booze. I backed up like it was a rattlesnake and got my friend who was helping me to pour it out I didn't even want to smell it.
About a month ago I encountered a situation just as troubling-i had just gotten out of the hospital and immediately went back to work on a rental property. A couple of hours into it,one of the tenants walked in with a half gallon of liquor and proceeded to make drinks for everyone there. Next thing I know, he set a mixed drink in front of me and it was like stories in the big book- I was blindsided. It was too much too soon. Only another alcoholic could fully understand such a situation. With no mental defense against the first drink, I truly understand that concept now. I'm not making excuses, I'm just making sense out of something I'd read about and have now experienced myself. I had just spent over 2 weeks in the hospital, and picked it up. I would end up hospitalized again before it was over. If that isn't insanity as it is mentioned in the second step, I don't know what is. As such, my experience tonight has brought me some gratitude, and has shown me that I'm getting better. I can't take the credit though, that goes to god, all I've done is pray. I'm under some of the most adverse circumstances right now, but one day at a time I'm making progress. -

worth while

Jul 04, 2009 - 3 comments

“Worth While”  

It is easy enough to be pleasant ,when life flows along like a song,

But the man worth while is one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong.  

For the test of the heart is trouble, and it always comes  with the years,

and the smile that is worth the praises of earth, is the smile that shines through tears.

It is easy enough to be prudent, when nothing tempts you to stray,

when without or within no voice of sin Is luring your soul away

but it’s only a negative virtue until it is tried by fire,

and the life that is worth the honor on earth is the one that resists desire

By the cynic, the sad, the fallen, who had no strength for the strife,

The world’s highway is cumbered today; they make up the sum of life.

But the virtue that conquers passion, and the sorrow that hides in a smile,

It is these that are worth the homage on earth for we find them but once in a while.

                                           “Ella Wheeler Wilcox”                      

cows, the constitution, and the ten commandments

Jun 30, 2009 - 0 comments



the Constitution


the ten commandments

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.  

They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ... why don’t we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and we’re not using it anymore.  

The real reason that we can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is this—you cannot post ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery’ and ‘Thou Shall Not Lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians ... it creates a hostile work environment.