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To Take Or Not to Take (HOT showers)

Jul 13, 2008 - 5 comments






smiles. Ok, so I've ALWAYS taken a nice, blasting hot shower. you're supposed to shower in hot water, right?

Well, I found out this past few months that the hot makes me feel funny, in particular, about half-way through I get all tingly-prickly, and kinda fuzzy feeling. So, I decided, fine, I'll just take nice WARM showers.

Today, I jumped in there in a hurry, and what do you know, that nice WARM shower just didn't cut it. Almost immediatly my body flipped out and I got the most prickliest, painful feeling anywhere that water was hitting. I think I set a personal record for a shower.

When I got out I felt almost raw and my clothes hurt to touch my back.

So help me if my doctor tells me there is nothing wrong or it's in my head. Does anyone know how to let a person "walk in our shoes for a day?" that would just be the ticket, and I'd let him have a shower like that!

If anyone ends up reading this, let me know if you actually have had this and how you combat it. PLEASE don't tell me you take cold showers, I can't STAND them. (Grin)