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Feeling Good

Aug 15, 2008 - 0 comments

I feel good today - no headache from the Armour.  Just a little thyroid swelling.  No neck stiffness.  This is good I think!

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Aug 14, 2008 - 1 comments

I have a little headache today but I was reading that was to be expected.  I have some fatigue today to but hubby was in Houston with his mom so I did not sleep well due to that.  All in all, no real bad feelings on Armour.  Thank goodness!  My face has not tingled today!!!!!  My ear does not feel funny and the carotid artery is not throbbing or sore today.  These are good signs that maybe the Armour is working?!?!!  I do still have some swelling of the thyroid and a tenderness right above the thyroid today, but, I can deal with that - I am not feeling as bad.  Maybe things are looking up?!!!!!

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First day of taking Armour

Aug 13, 2008 - 0 comments

First day on Armour- we shall see

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A Nodule

Aug 12, 2008 - 2 comments

O.k - after 2 hrs waiting in the dr's office.....  I do have a thyroid nodule that can be felt by the doc.  He said he really could not see a whole lot with my old tests since the thyroid nodule came up since June.  (April US and June CT revealed no nodule).  The tight feeling and carotid inflamation are, he thinks caused by compression.  He called it compartment syndrome - like when something swells and has nowhere to go.  He changed my thyroid med to ARMOUR!  You have to know how amazed I was to hear that as I did not even suggest it.  He said that some patients have better luck with controlled swelling with Armour.  I think it is 16 (mcg or grain or whatever), will check on that when I pick up the script from the pharmacy.  He gave me a muscle relaxer instead of the xanax (THANK GOD) I did not like taking that.  I go back on September 2 and if the nodule is still there and the swelling persists we will then discuss SURGERY.  I was shocked at that and asked the nurse for clarification and the nurse said that he would order the US Guided FNA first and then on to surgery depending on the results.   That will be my six month mark so ---- I guess 3 weeks will tell my story.  He is going this way b/c of my normal lab results.  He also warned that if I start taking the Armour and feel like I drank way too much coffee (by this he means get the jitters) call him immediately to reassess the situation.

I was very glad (for sanity reasons) that there was actually something there that could be felt by him as I thought I felt something (felt like a couple of grains of uncooked rice to me).  He also said that the funny lump I have taken so many pictures of is actually the top portion of my thyroid gland.  He pressed really hard a few times where the nodule is and kept asking me if that hurt (it doesn't) -- does that mean anything?   BTW - from what I can tell from what I think I can feel and where he was pressing, the nodule is located on right lobe, near the clavicle and the sternomastoid muscle.