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Switched to Armour

Aug 12, 2008 - 4 comments

My Doc wrote a 3 week script for Armour - 1 grain total and suggest if this does not kick it out, then we will discuss the nodule and surgery on 9/2.

Thyroid Disorder Tracker


Aug 07, 2008 - 7 comments

T4 FREE:   1.40 (range: 0.93 - 1.70)
TSH:           .74 (range: 0.27- 4.20)
T3 FREE:   3.41 (range: 2.57 - 4.43)

Path Comment:  Euthyroid state indicated by normal FT3, FT4 & TSH

Doctor's hand written notes:  Synthroid .25 QID; continue current dose

TPOab:  <10 (range: <35)

TGab:  <20  (range: <20)

Thyroglob Quant:    14.1  (range: 2.0 - 35.0 ng/ml)

8/4/08 Calcium:   9.3   (range: 8.4 - 10.2)

(old calcium level was 9.6 - so no real change)

Yucky day

Aug 06, 2008 - 8 comments

Well - I had a bad morning so far today and can not wrap my head around what is wrong with this body of mine since my "normal" blood is always normal.  Today I am getting numbness / tingles in the outer fingers (ring & pinky) in both hands that travels up the outer / side arm (and under) and on my left arm, stops at the elbow.  On my right, it goes to the shoulder.  It feels like something crawling at times, I don't understand it.  My chest is kind of tight, my right neck muscles are pulling a little and every once in a while, after I blink, I see spots or floating black spots.  Cannot bend over without my brain feeling like it might just come out of my ears.  Numbness and tingles are still in my lip and face area, but I must admit, I have not taken the calcium this week (I had been waiting for the blood draw, but then forgot to start again).

Last night, I got a severe headache, muscle tension in the neck and a shooting pain in the LEFT side, back of neck.  I have to admit, I was almost thankful for a moment that it was the left and not the right.  I went to bed with the tight chest feeling and wanted to take the xanax prescribed by the ENT, and I very well may have, I don't know.  This is the bit of what I remember about the xanax.....  I know I got it out of the bottle, then went into my living room, all the while, I was being followed by a whining 3 year old who was mad that her brother got to go with Daddy.  So, she asked me a question, I sat down to look her in the eye at the computer, put the pill down near the mouse.  She finished her jabber, I turned to the computer, got on here to check on a friend, got of the computer, went to turn down the TV b/c my brain was hurting; noticed the dog did not have food, so forgot about the TV, gave the dog her food, went to the living room to get my drink (AND THIS IS WHERE I AM HOPING I JUST TOOK THE PILL, BUT CANNOT REMEMBER THAT AFTER REMEMBERING ALL THE OTHER NONSENSE).  Then proceeded to take my brother his mail (he lives across the street) and that is all I can remember.  It reminds me of someone's recent post, but I can't remember who.  (WHOEVER IT WAS, THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT SO I KNOW I AM NOT A LUNE).  I checked everywhere and did not find the pill, and even vacuumed my floors (including the kitchen) to make sure if I did drop it, it could not hurt anyone. I assume I took it.

Anyway, I don't ever remember feeling anxious before this stuff started in April, ever.  Not even when my dad and grandparents died, not after finding my boss dead, nothing.  Now, on and off, and recently more on than off, I feel I guess what anxiety is and I don't like it.  I guess I am having a pitty me day.  

Breast Nodule Disapppeared!!!!

Jul 31, 2008 - 4 comments

Well, I reported as instructed to the Hospital for the biopsy and got stuck 2 times for the IV.  They wheeled me into the US room and NO NODULE could be located by the 2 techs or the radiologist so they called off the biopsy.  I have to return in 6 months for a repeat US!

I am so excited and want to thank everyone for their well wishes, prayer and wonderful support!  Thank you - Much love ~Kim